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Generally speaking, I’m a tough old bird. I have no allergies that I know of, except for sunscreen. I can’t wear it. A breakout of tiny, angry water blisters, which itch like the plague and break if I scratch, and itch more when they break, invade my pitiful sun-screened skin.

A couple of months ago, I made a new discovery. (I’m way too easy, you see.) It’s time, I decided, to stop using Dove soap on my face after eons of use. I haven’t had any problems: no extra lines or flaky skin, but a change would be good, I thought.

Enter Nivea Visage Replenishing Cleansing Cream Lotion (Mature Skin). I also splurged on Nivea Visage Rich Moisturizing Day Care with SPF 15. This was not a big investment; the price was right, the total  under twenty dollars. Oh, what a feeling; what a r-u-s-h a new jar of cream will bring! I felt like a new woman for several weeks. My face looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Until, the diaper rash!

I believe I have some Rosacea as do many women after a certain age. What I saw was something more. When my cheeks and chin broke out in pimples—with pin-sized yellow heads—my attention sprang into front row.  Mornings I looked great, no redness and no pimples—until I washed my face and applied the moisturizing day cream—hmm, curious.

My head has been someplace else lately. I noticed sort of, but didn’t put the  details together. Something made me stop the day cream and switch back to a long-time old faithful moisture cream. No change. Yikes. (I blush easily, which makes my face a deeper crimson and the added heat irritates this new condition.) Now the breakouts were becoming more of a problem because makeup didn’t hide them and everyone could see what was going on. Blush. Blush.

I stopped the cleansing lotion and went back to good old Dove soap. No immediate magic, but three days later, no more yellow heads—only angry red lines. I’d also been drinking buckets of coffee lately and have been a bit more stressed out than usual. Generally, not good.

So far, I’m pleased with my skin’s improvement. Why do I always need to chase the next best product when the current one is doing its job? What can I say? I’m vain to hope—hope there is still magic to be had. Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I don’t like to look my best and feel like a new woman once in a while. I’m sure vanity never goes away. Am I right? Sure I am.

First of all, I knew I had an allergic reaction to sunscreen? What is SPF 15, after all? But I forgot. So my head has been buried in the sand but no more. I hope I don’t have to give up coffee—or wine. Both of these aggravate Rosacea as does stress, but the big bad problem seems to be going away. . .

This feels like a service announcement. What? This is about ME. It is NOT an infomercial. Please.

~ * ~

For information on Rosacea:

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Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

55 thoughts on “Old Bird, New Tricks. . .

  1. You could have worse problems … for example, shingles. Nasty things, shingles.

    • Oh dear, I forgot about shingles. I know two woman who’ve had those. Nasty things linger I understand. Hope you’re not having a bout now, Sharon. If so, I’m sorry to hear that and wish soon you will be free again.

      • Oh gosh, not me. At least not now. I had them in my twenties, due to stress, but didn’t last long and weren’t severe. Still, I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.

      • You have rosacea? Really? It doesn’t look like it in your photo! I am 39 and was diagnosed with it in 2007; saw a dermatologist last year who said i had mild erythema only. I am exactly the same as you and so many others here constantly chopping and changing in my quest to find the “perfect skincare products”. Do you think Dove Soap is ok for the face even though it is a soap? also want moisturising cream do you use, would be interested to know. I was just about to order the Nivea, don’t think I will now. Think I will try a No 7 Essential Moisture Fluid which is fragrance free and hypoallergencic and if it doesnt break me out wont try and fix it!

      • Hi, Maggie. I DO have rosacea. I’ve heard it recommended to use green powder (some physician’s name is on this product but I haven’t tried it.) I do use regular makeup.

        As far as my Nivea experience, I went back to Avon’s NURTURA moisture cream because without it my skin is dry as a popcorn fart (I’m not kidding). I’ve tried lots of moisture creams and lots of makeup that agrees with the moisture cream. So far, nothing else works better. I’m thinking about going to the health food store and checking out their products. They advertise, if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face. Maybe there’s something to be found there. If you find a combination that works for you, I’d love to hear about it. If I find something outstanding at the healthfood store, I’ll broadcast it because I like sharing.

        So NICE to hear from you, Maggie. I have a couple of sisters who have it also, one of them had it so bad she ended up with potmarks in her skin like teenagers get from acne. When do we get a REST??

  2. I’m a big believer in the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” school of thought, but it’s that constant hope of finding something a bit better or just plain curisity that makes us try new things. It sounds like you’re back on the right track, though.

  3. I rarely buy the same product more than two or three times in a row, I may go back to something again, but I always like to try different things. Even when I stumble across something I love, I will still skip off and try something else for a while and then come back. The only exception to that is hair dye – a hairdresser friend told me that if you colour your own hair you should always stick to the same brand because sometimes the combination of chemicals is different in each brand and if you switch, the different combinations could be incompatible and negatively affect the end result.

    By the way, a couple of days ago I discovered in my spam box a comment you had made on my ‘5 things I have grown to hate since having kids’ post, I unspammed it, but it didn’t seem to appear within the comments on that post – I’ve never done that before, so maybe I did something wrong, but your comment seems to have disappeared. So I’m sorry! I wasn’t ignoring your comment. I know it was something about sandwiches…

    • Thanks, Vanessa. My experience has been NOT to make waves but of course, I don’t always listen. I trusted Nivea but my skin obviously didn’t like it. Live and learn. About the spam. What a nuisance that has been! Don’t worry. All’s well that ends well. Good to know about the hair colour. I’ll have to tell my daughter because she colours her own hair… I believe I might have said something to the effect that I have tried to be imaginative when making sandwiches because I think they’re boring but all that effort didn’t seem to win any additional thanks. Summer weather is finally visiting more often after rain all day yesterday. Yay summer. Nice hearing from you. Have a nice weekend.

      • Thank you, and you have a nice weekend too – it’s a nice long weekend here with public holidays on Monday and Tuesday too for the queen’s jubilee, unfortunately the weather doesn’t look too promising!

  4. Ah Tess… allergies are terrible things. Always good to try something new, but always better to stick with the tried and tested…

  5. I’m exactly the same…
    Always rocking the boat!

  6. I am dreadful with face creams.
    Grab whatever comes to hand.
    I have noticed that birthday pressies nowdays are always some sort of creams.
    I think people are trying to tell me something.
    I am also drinking too much coffee and smoking far too much.
    Not good for the skin!!!

    • Hey, 47, we all do stuff we know isn’t good for our skin or otherwise. I just feel like a moran because I didn’t take the time SOONER to pay more attention and figure this out sooner. Thanks for coming by. Nice to hear from you.

  7. You’ve answered my question as to what’s been going on with my face the past few months…thank you!! Same problem here…

  8. I tend to stick with what I know, if it is working why change? I use the “Yes To” line, which is a more natural line of products.

    Yes to, Tomatoes (I use this as it helps with acne which I battle thank you very much to peri menopause), this is a really nice product with no sun screen! Nearly all natural products and a great feel. If you can find it up in your neck of the woods you might want to try it.

    Their night cream is Yes to, Blueberries (I love this one).

    If you don’t battle acne like I do, try Yes to, Cucumbers, also nearly all natural and wonderful.

    • I need to go to the drugstore today and will start checking when I’m out and about. Thanks for the input. The trouble is Nivea is such a good name and they’ve gone into the mature skin market so I wondered, “Why not?” You are absolutely right. If it ain’t broke, etc. Nice hearing from you. Thanks for your input. I appreciate your taking the time to comment here.

  9. My daughters have always been sensitive to skin lotions and potions. Enter the health food stores. Best bet is to stick with Fragrance Free products. On the other hand, Tess, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I know, though, how tempting it is to succumb to the adverts that claim you will turn into a flawless-skinned beauty if only you’ll try their new product! We’ve all been guilty of that. Not to worry — just stick with what you know!

  10. Good one Tess! Every time I get the urge for magical potions and leave my tried and true(s), I break out too. Experience should teach us some things, but even when we “get it”, we still want to believe the dream cream is out there. Love your post. Dor

  11. I have a bit of roseacea myself. I use Cetaphil or its generic sister to clean my face. Also, try the green face powder – sounds weird but works great at covering up any slight redness.

  12. So glad you are okay. The allergic reaction could be so much worse. Skin care is a funny and very profitable industry/

    My mom who had the best skin of any woman I knw used one soap on her face all her life She used Camay. She wore no make up other than lipstick and mascare, and in later years eye brow pencil because she lost all her eye brows.

    For some reason I listened to that. I rarely even as a teen was into make up, have worn none for over 30 yrs except for occassional masscara. I use a face wash by Phtsicians Formula and a moisturizer same company. Have used the same forever. I find my skin sensitive like yours and have had tried new things that felt like it actually burnt my skin. Redness, blsters.

    I have decided that appriaching 60, no real lines unless I am uber stressed or tired my skin looks pretty good is enough. I don’t want to look 30 when I have lived more experiences than that. I earn every line.
    I also avoid the sun like a plague at those high peak hours.

    • Thanks, Baroness. I don’t go into much makeup either. I can’t wear mascara because it makes my eyes burn and I’ve tried lots. Moisture cream has been a friend to me so I make sure I have lots of it. I’ve no idea why I try new products when the old one are working. Silly of me, I know, but no more. Tried and true will do from now on. I was a sun goddes when I was young but then I smartened up and I’ve been lucky with my skin in spite of that. I smoked for 25 years and still escaped wrinkles. I sure don’t want some cream to spoil the magic so far. My mom still had good skin at 83 as did her mom at 99. I just discovered the Physicians Formula products at the drugstore today. I’ll have to check them out. I am currently using Nutura from Avon and buy jars of it when it goes on sale for less than half price. Thanks for the indept comment and I’m pleased you dropped by. Hope you are feeling good today.

      • I enjoy this kind of sharing wth one another. Think it is what helps the world working as one.
        I can see from your photo you have gorgeous skin, and I think our family heritahe has a lot to do with it too. I’d forgotten to mention I has smoked too and somehoe escaped smokers lines around my mouth. I had forgotten about that. Yeah thanks! Another plus.

        We are learning so much about our bodies and what is healthy and what is not. Speaking of sun worshipping, there was the school of thought that was a healthy thing to do. Look how much damage that misnomer has done. My daughters spend their winters getting fake tans by some artifical lights. Healthy is tanned they tell me.
        I keep reminding them of what Old Tanning Bed skin looks like – to no avail. I guess its their skin and they have to live in it.Couldn’t resist.

      • So nice to hear you also escaped the smokers’ mask. Thank you for the skin compliment. The picture hides some truths but still I consider I’m doing well in that department. I too enjoy the many conversations I have with other bloggers. I don’t know what I did before I started this blog—I had another one but took it down (spam hit me like a runaway train). Have a lovely weekend. Tess

  13. Even when I love what I am using, I’m always ready to try something new. I’m that fickle. And gullible.

    • Thanks, Nancy. In the end, aren’t we still girly girls? No matter what, I kind of like the girly girl state. It just proves we’re alive and always looking for IMPROVEment. What do males do? The less change the better. Where’s the remote. Glad to hear from you. I always laugh and giggle when I read your posts. Keep up the awesome posts. Tess

  14. I am sorry, that’s a troublesome condition and of course it’s complicated for you by being unable to use the sun protection. Make sure you keep you face out of the sun.

  15. I think we ran that thread dry as I could not find the reply button in it. No matter. I could not let this close Tess without saying to you how much your support and staying in touch has meant to me. I know health issues can become a real downer and try to keep what i have to say on those issues on my other blog. My Barefoot Baroness is meant just for what you & I are doing now. Conversing,
    I could not let this close out without telling you just how special you are. I really appreciate your openess and tolerance of who I am.
    I want you to know that even when it is its most simplest of terms, conversing with you is always enjoable and so worth my time
    Have a lovely Sunday friend!

  16. Tess, try clear zinc. Dunno if you can get it where you are but it’s the best thing for skin there is. It’s a barrier sunscreen so high spf but no chemicals, only zinc, which is just great for your skin. It looks a little white when you first put it on but within 5 mins sinks in, and it’s ok for people with rosacea, I know, I’ve got it. So THAT sounds like a product advert too!

  17. I always try new things – even if sometimes it is a crash and break-out scenario. I think it is the allure of the unknown for me. Or maybe it is that I am searching for a skin miracle! I, too, am allergic to sunscreen – especially in lipstick. It makes for a variety of hat buying for the beach!

    • I took the sunscreen alley as a joke some years ago. After that I didn’t feel any need to go out into the sun (why bother after a screaming, burning, experiment like that?) Nowadays, I don’t sit in the sun at all, maybe under a pagoda but not often and not in direct sunlight. At one time, I was young and I was vain. No more.

    • Lipstick? I never considered THAT. I’ve been using the liquid lipstock with the gloss you brush on afterwards because it’s supposed to LAST. Sometimes it does. Other times, nada.

  18. Yikes–that sounds like it was awful.

    My brother-in-law is also allergic to sunscreen, and after much searching my sister found a sunscreen product he can actually use. I’ll have to ask her what it is.

  19. I didn’t think it was a promotion for one minute! It’s funny how we get lured to trying different things, a few days ago !I was chatting to a friend about selling techniques because a drink in a cafe contained not lemon juice but SICILIAN lemon juice! But we fall for it every time!

  20. Wow! I am glad your skin is settling down now. It is tempting to try new things! I have wasted so much money on hair products doing exactly that! I can’t wear sunscreen either and I am red-haired and very pale. I have to wear a large hat or stay out of the sun or both! I think there are many different rosacea symptoms. I have extremely sensitive skin and use virtually nothing on my face. Although the groovy and natural based retailer Lush Fresh “Imperialis” moisturiser is very good for me and I have no reaction at all. I use water for cleansing. For make-up, I wear powder – mineral powder is best but I don’t always use it. I can and do use powder blush on my cheeks. A bit of lipstick and voila!! Plus a smile!!! For the extra voila!!! :)

    • Gigi so good to hear from you. Are you always so perky? I use an Avon moisturizer I keep going back to after my side trips to creams I know won’t agree with me. I seem to have a greasy forehead and that’s NOT because of the moisturizer. One of my commenters mentioned green power. I saw it in the drugstore and am seriously thinking of giving it a try. It was a Physicians something product. We don’t have to be 16 to chat about skin care, do we? Thank you for sharing, Gigi. I appreciate it.

  21. Bless your heart. What a difficult process!

  22. I’m just going to say, I’m glad you’re recovering from your ‘face-on’ experiment with very little damaging effects. Our faces are so fragile and yet so important. It’s how the rest of the world sees us, even though we all know YOU are beautiful on the inside. Enjoy always, T

  23. I used to spend a fortune on face products but eventually came to my senses when I realised that I could have saved all that money and put it toward a face lift instead, which is the only thing that will really rejuvenate one’s face. Today I stick to Nivea and treat myself to the odd facial.

  24. HA HA HA! I know it’s not funny, but it is. My family (esp. my daughter) tend to forget about my allergies and asthma triggers. Hmmmmmmm. I’m glad your face recovered. Next time check the ingredients.

    • Hi, Angie: It’s been so long since I had to check ingredients, I just accepted that Nivea was MAGIC. I suppose skin changes too and I hadn’t thought that out either. ANYway, I’m getting back to NORMAL and way to happy about it. I feel like celebrating BIG-TIME, know what I mean, except I don’t have time right now. I do now KNOW that I MUST check for sunscreen and retinol. Neither of these like me. Other women will kill for at least the Retinal but I must run away as fast as I can. Ha ha. How things turn around. So nice to talk girl talk as well as good OTHER stuff–our secret–No-one knows about your writing and grammar pointers, right? Only ME? Ha ha. Tess

  25. Hi Tess,

    Glad you are feeling better. All better by now, I hope. It’s really hard to be allergic to sunscreen. I suppose you have to wear a lot of wide-brimmed hats and limit your exposure to the sun.

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