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The Best Thanksgiving

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We are all celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. The local newspaper said it’s to be the best Thanksgiving in 5o years weatherwise. I recall another one many years ago. The trees had not disposed of all their brilliant leaves by the time the first snow fell. What a muddy mess in the spring for anyone having to rake up wet soggy leaves. That had been a great Thanksgiving too. I was the one doing the raking.

The trees are still not ready for the ball; they’re not all dressed in vibrant finery yet. Some are. Most are not. Will the snow fly before all the leaves are gone? Again? The trees in the north are ready. Here they are not.

Our family Thanksgiving dinner was yesterday. We sat 19 at the table. Had everyone shown up it would have been 26 place settings and another table. Currently, I have the eight-foot diningroom table and another foldup eight-foot, which gets put away when not in use. Looks like we’ll need another one of those and soon.

My son-in-law and I share the cooking for large gatherings as we live in the same house. I have a beautiful open-concept apartment in the basement with my own modern kitchen with lots of room for entertaining. He made turkey, BBQ smoked pork and meatballs (something for everyone), as well as stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes. I was responsible for the vegetables: corn, squash, sweet potato, carrots and turnip (cubed, mixed together), brussel sprouts (sliced thinly, braised, with nutmeg), red cabbage coleslaw with caraway dressing, freshly made cranberry sauce and a tossed salad (with pears, cranberries and feta cheese). Desserts were pumpkin pie (of course), various squares and a delicious apple cake.

The table groaned the last time we tried putting all the platters of food on the table. It was way to crowded too. This time I setup a buffet on my kitchen island. So much more orderly and civilized.

I’ve started a new tradition: eat all you want because everything on our Thanksgiving table has no calories!

Another year and another Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful and grateful for. How quickly the clock races. Faster every year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Everywhere.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that canada celebrated thanksgiving on a different date than the USA. Learned something new today.