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What is Real and what is Reality?

Some months ago I heard about and read a book called Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent. It raised a LOT of questions but mostly I thought it would be so NICE to think / believe something this sweet is possible in our day and age.

I don’t want to colour your perception / assesment of what this book is about so I’ll not go into detail. However, if you are familiar with it or have heard about it, by the end, it also mentioned a very young female child by the name of Akaine, an exceptional painter of an extremely young age.

This opened up ANOTHER subject. She, as well as a number of other children were AGAIN mentioned in the video below. I’ve been trying to understand this subject and wondered if anyone else has anything to share.

It is not something I am trying to promote. I’ve been impatient and almost didn’t watch the whole video but am glad I did. There is a lot of information that sometimes seems inconsistant but I was curious enough to bite the bullet and see it through. Now I wonder if it’s some kind of heebie jeebies. Just saying. . .

I confess to not being all that religious but spiritual is another thing. I DO believe that children these days  are definitely born with / are wired with better “chips” than say 25 and more years ago. I’m not at all sure about this video but wanted to share it for some insight. Someone might find this interesting.

I would most certainly like to hear feedback as this is all NEW to ME but also wonder if it’s plausible? To you?

Depending on input received, I may be able to share the other half of my interest in this unfamiliar territory. I’m usually pretty conservative.

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