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Friday the 13th


There’s a picturesque little town on the shores of Erie Lake called Port Dover. It’s about a two-hour drive from Toronto, Canada. Best known for its shops, boutiques, hotels and B&Bs, in warm summer weather, throngs of people arrive from the surrounding area and beyond to lie on the beach or swim in the Lake. It’s also a popular destination for both Americans and Canadians with yachts, cabin cruisers and sailboats.

Popular must do visits are to the Erie Beach Hotel known for its Surf n Turf (perch + steak) and famous celery bread. Of long ago fame is the Arbor for its foot-long hotdog, with the freshest and most varied toppings and the absolute best French fries. Sadly, and in my humble opinion, these two eating experiences are a shadow of their former hay days but what do I know?

The most press and copy that Port Dover generates are Friday the 13th bike rallies. This year there will be three Friday the 13ths: January 13, April 13 and July 13, all 13 weeks apart. That’s a lot of bikers and a ton of money in revenue. That’s a lotta beer too!  

These rallies began with a bunch of friends on November 13, 1981 and have grown to massive proportions since. The beer tents are setup despite the frigid weather and thousands of diehards are expected. It’s a tradition. Once you’ve attended one as a biker (or not), you’d be hard pressed to miss the event and all your biker friends. Don’t get me wrong, the event is open to anyone with or without a hog. In fair weather as many as 30,000+ people decend on this sleepy town.

Are you superstitious? Check these out if you dare:–very-superstitious-3-friday-the-13ths-this-year


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  1. Sounds like fun but cold. I would need a hot toddy instead of the beer.