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This is a LOON


I’ve been asked what a loon is after Share Your World #16 was posted. Google and I went to work. There are a zillion videos. Here are a couple links you might enjoy.

Canadian Loon

You might enjoy playing this in the background as you read your blogs. I find this soothing.

Grab a tea or coffee. Sit back, close your eyes and relax.

Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

25 thoughts on “This is a LOON

  1. Doesn’t everyone know about loons? One of the symbols of Canada…nothing better than sitting by a cottage country lake at dusk and listening to the loon call. Absolutely haunting! Of course I’m a bird freak anyway, but they are amazing.


    • You are my kind of people. I mentioned Googling “loon song” to my 34-year-old daughter. The look on her face made me wonder who the hell brought her up. ‘Course she’s a city girl. My fault, I suppose. Lovely hearing from you. Appreciate your input. Somethings are SACRED. The loon is one of them.


  2. Whoa…goosebumps! Very beautiful – thanks for the links!


    • Thank you for taking the time to drop in. I told my daughter about the inquiry regarding what a loon was. I proudly and enthusiastically jumped up and down sharing how I found these GREAT videos. She made a face only a city girl can make. She’s 34 in two weeks. WHO is this person? She has CHILDREN for heaven’s sakes. How can she or anyone turn up their nose at loons? But that’s just me talking. A mom and grandma.


  3. I thought loons were an item of 1970s fashion?


    • Thank you. A commentor reminded me that the sound of the loon was in the movie On Golden Pond. Hopelessly Canadian, I forgot that point and while Googling for loon calls in Canada, disregarded that they are not ONLY in Canada. Other states in U.S.A. have them also. Still, I am partial to them. Thank you for commenting.


  4. I love the link to the loon calls–haunting and lovely. This reminded me of a Gordon Lightfoot song called “Ringneck Loon” that I enjoy for easy listening.


    • Gordon Lightfoot? Did I come across another Canadian? Thanks for commenting on the loon call. I told my daughter (almost 34) about this morning’s link to the loon and she made a terrible face. Of course she grew up in the city. Why am I surprised at her response? Some things are just beautiful just because. Right?


  5. The poor soul who has never seen or heard a loon…..They should watch “On Golden Pond.”


  6. I adore the lone call of the loon echoing across the water. It’s a reminder to me that spring is opening her door for blooms to spread their pollen and critters who are looking for each other after a quiet winter of solace. It’s my favorite alert to nature unfolding her creative wings.

    Thanks for shat=ring the beautiful accompainment. I had to giggle when you wrote about not knowing who raised your very own. Been there.., doing that too!


    • Kids, aren’t they something!? You think you know them and then find out you don’t. Oh well, she’s got two daughters and she KNOWS one thing for sure: what goes around, comes around and she’ll get a double whammy. Hope you’re having a nice day. Tess


  7. Ok, now I also know what a loon sounds like – living in South Africa it’s not something we will ever hear!
    Quite haunting – sounds almost similar to our Fisheagle.
    At least I knew it was a kind of bird😉


    • South Africa. My, that is a LONG way away. I’ll have to look up Fisheagle to see what I can learn. Yes, you are pretty smart thinking the loon was a bird and not a LUNATIC. Thanks for commenting. It’s nice exchanging opinions, thoughts, facts. Love it. You’re the lady with the camera? Pictures of fantastic flowers?


    • Sorry, some of my commentors are new to me and I don’t keep them straight. You just lost your job. Hope things will improve soon.


  8. Why, the “common loon” is my state’s “state bird” … I absolutely love their haunting sounds too, so thanks for the sound bytes!!! And I’m a Gordon Lightfoot fan from waaaaaaay back!!!

    (I noticed there is also a rapper goes by the name Loon!)

    lovely post!!!


    • Hi K: Thanks for the link. This is wonderful, talking like this. When I was Googling for loon information, I noticed that they are in the States too and was surprised. Did I think we had cornered the market? OK, probably. Wasn’t thinking. Too bad Gordon Lightfoot is getting on. My son-in-law absolutely adores him. A few years ago he and my daughter went to a concert. I guess the pipes are getting weak but then he’s getting on, isn’t he. Hmm. A rapper by the name of Loon? I’m curious so I’ll check it out. It’s been lovely. We must do this again sometime. You have a beautiful blog theme and have interesting things there. Do you find reading lots of posts hurts your eyes after a while? Tess


      • Hi Tess… it is fun to find that we are neighbors!! And thanks for your kind words on my blog. I will soon be posting today’s Fractals for Friday, so I hope you’ll come by to see. In fact, I got inspired to have Gordon as the musical guest, since he’s been on my (and many others’ too) frequently, lately. (Expect a Pingback for that!!).
        I’m glad you mentioned about the white print/font. It doesn’t bother me, but does it you? I have heard that for many it is unpleasant. Maybe I’ll post a poll, one day, to get a feel for that!

        peace and hugs


      • Good idea about reading so much stuff on-screen. Some of us more seasoned gals are probably suffering in silence. I wonder if there is also some kind of connection to the Kobo and other electronic ‘books”. I just took part in a survey being done by: She might end up writing an eBook about it but I think we must ALL TALK about what it’s like in the world of blogosphere. Just FYI anyway.

        I’m in Ontario. Where are you? BTW I can’t imagine how you come up with your Fratals. I justs forwarded your Gordon Lightfoot page to my son-in-law.I’m sure he’ll save the links. What exactly is a pingback? I could never understand it. Till next time (or next idea). Tess


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  10. Loon – the state bird of Minnesota :)


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