How the Cookie Crumbles

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Curious Meets Crazy


I hate cold coffee and am forever reheating a cup in the microwave. Why does the mug handle end up in the back even when I place it facing out, or, no matter how long it spins to reheat?

My old washing machine ate socks; I became used to losing them and expected the loss. What changed? The new machine hasn’t gobbled any—even once—in four years. What gives?

When are you officially a senior? 50? 55? 60? 65? Businesses used to offer discounts on a wide range of products and services for customers age fifty and over. Once the demographic reports on baby boomers came out, perks dwindled, an inch at a time. Too many seniors are approaching age sixty-five. Why is this information a surprise?

McDonald’s offers seniors a coffee discount—size small only. Some ‘franchises’ don’t offer any reduction at all. Others give you the same price cut whether you order a small or a large cup. Why the differences?

Why do meteors fall through the atmosphere but don’t hit anything? I’m pleased not to hear of catastrophic damages, but why is it they never hit any cities or tall buildings? Why are burned remnants always found in remote areas? How lucky are we?

Why do I always want to do something else when I’m in the middle of any particular project? Even when I’m half-way into an absorbing book, another one catches my eye; I’m impatient to get into the new one no matter how exciting the current one I’m reading.

Why is my cat driving me crazy? I threw drop-sheets on my sofa to discourage her from playing Tarzan. She found an opening no matter how I draped, tucked or arranged the sheets to drag on the floor. She discovered a new game called ‘run under the drop-sheets and hang on the sofa underneath’. Alright! W-e-e-e-e. Will my sofa last until next Monday morning and her manicure appointment?

Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

54 thoughts on “Curious Meets Crazy

  1. So regions (in mine but not the Keys I know for sure) all size coffees at McDonalds are $1 but no senior discount.

    I always get my best ideas in the shower but lose them when I dry off. Maybe I need a diver’s writing slate for notes in the shower…


    • Here a small coffee is $1.40 and a large is $1.80. A senior discounted coffee is 93 cents.
      I giggle picturing a diver’s writing slate in your shower, OR, while you’re singing in the shower, you might add your idea(s) to a verse but make sure a audio device is clicked on close by. I’m humming with ideas now. Thanks for comments MLE.


  2. Maybe my socks are in your machine and yours are in mine?


  3. I will microwave things at certain times JUST to get the handle to come back around. Mine is 20 second intervals. The microwave is also on top of my tall fridge so being able to actually reach the mug is highly important

    I have a washer that eats things. I know this because I had a bunch of baby socks and nursing pads straight up disappear, then my washer stopped working. When the guy came out to fix it, he found a clog in the tubes (or something like that) and asked what all these round pads were. I did not explain but thanked him for fixing the clog.

    My dad recently told me (during the Perseid meteor shower earlier in the month) that meteors burn down to almost nothing because of our atmosphere, but there are occasionally pretty large sized specimens found. I do wonder why they’re mostly found in rural places though. Maybe because they are somewhat preserved out there, as opposed to getting run over by something?


    • You make me laugh. Barefoot Baroness and I have concluded front end washers don’t eat socks.
      One day I decided to point the handle of my coffee mug at different angles to the door but I didn’t do scientific heats per x number seconds. Aren’t YOU clever. Thanks for that.
      Vanessa and Tom figured out about the meteors being ‘guided’ to the countryside except for 1642.
      This is all great fun. Such deep discussions. Thanks for stopping by Jell. I appreciate you finding the time.


  4. You have asked some intriguing questions, none of which I have answers to. Well except maybe one, discounts. It is part of the Red Hat conspiracy, part of the Customer Service conundrum …. customers simply aren’t important any longer. Young or old doesn’t matter, they just don’t care.


  5. With the meteors, I think it’s because the actual percentage of the earth’s area that is populated is much less than the area which is not (if you include the oceans and seas), so it’s just a probability thing, it’s more likely to land in an area away from people – usually they do land in the water I believe.

    As for your other questions, not a clue!


  6. Looks as though you are looking for the meaning of life – good luck!


  7. Enquiring minds want to know! Great questions/observations.:)


  8. Why do I always try to pick on the laundry basket from the sides that do not have the handles?


  9. I’ve always wondered about meteorites as well, how can it be possible? i know there is more water than land and a lot of wilderness but surely statistically . . .


  10. Aww Miss Tess you delight me!
    What a fun post. I love your ponders. Do you not sleep at night? I ask because I see myself in these ponders.

    Socks & new machines: What you say is true. I always wanted to be able to tear my washer apart and prove to my family the washer was EATING socks. Alas also a new washer for me. A front loading. Nary a sock to be missing. Also no kids at home so missing socks not a huge issue. Can’t win.

    Books: I have right now 4 different books I am reading, two similar genre, one a text book, the other? Crap! So why do I just not put it down and not finish it?
    That’s my ponder today. Why must we finish something we’re not happy with, why cannot I just walk away?

    I wonder and I ponder. I don’t sleep.


    • Wondering and pondering give me a headache. This choice collection is some of what crossed my mind on either waking up or falling asleep. Sheesh.
      I have a front loader washing machine too. So, that’s the answer to no more missing socks.
      A book in every room so there’s something handy close at hand. I don’t know why, but I DO finish books no matter how boring all the while hoping for some magic. I’ve only not read TWO books through.


  11. I read this morning that a woman, 70, wife of the U.S.Open guy, 80, beat him to death with a coffee cup. Now, there’s something for you to think about, along with your morning coffee.:-)


  12. Vanessa’s answer’s good with the meteorites, Tess, although some have hit quite close to civilisation. One crashed into the town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk, England, in 1642 for example!
    Some washing machines have portals to other dimensions in them, where socks go. Later models don’t have this feature.
    I can’t help with the other questions though… I’m not keen on cold coffee myself, come to think of it!


  13. These are very good questions that too many of us fail to ask. I think cats are a double-edged sword, driving us crazy and providing good therapy all in one. Great post!


    • By the time I thought to post them, I figured this post would simply be different yet again. I’m surprised with the interesting exchanges received.

      Yeah, I love cats. This one must be younger than a year. She’s been in captivity May till end of July. Hasn’t socialized. When she’s good, she’s sweet and loving but when she’s B-A-D…..Thanks, SSM.


  14. Lol. Crazy woman!! The daughter just brought home a kitten with very sharp little claws – better keep them out of me and off my furniture! Where did you find a washing machine that doesn’t eat socks?????? Angie:)


    • Sears, four years ago. I didn’t realize at first all my socks came out with companions, unlike before I moved and used my topload machine…

      Too bad about the kitten. I’m having a terrible time with sharp little nails myself–NO, not mine, Lady Gaga’s. So, are you going to let the daughter keep the kitten?


  15. What an entertaining post and comments. My washing machine does not eat socks thankfully and its a top loader.

    I am so with you about finishing a book that I start even if it is total crap, I don’t know where that obsession came from and I regret the time spent reading rubbish when there are so many good books around.


  16. I have a pile of socks beside my dryer. It keeps getting bigger with no matches to be found
    I think it’s a conspiracy


  17. What I want to know is, is there anything WRONG with reheating cold coffee? It seems so easy – but does it irrevocably change the coffee so drinking it gives you liver failure?


  18. It would be interesting to ask Lady G for her opinions on all these matters …:)


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  20. Her manicure will only make her more determined. I clipped Beau’s claws today because he was digging in the couch (little worm). When Little Bear put a pillow on the couch, he nosed under it until he got the slip in his mouth and backed off the couch to get back at the spot he wanted. Ugh. At least it took him a while to get out from under the pillow (which was easily 10x his size).


    • I’m hoping she will follow four others I’ve had and had to make appointments for. Right now she is truly driving me crazy even thought I finally remembereed to us ethe ‘spray bottle water method’ on. I cannot believe how resistant this particular cat is. I shall catchup afterwards because I’m not so sure about this ‘siren’.


    • My Lady Gaga didn’t get clipped, Red. She’s been declawed (one week today). It’s a whole other world around here now. She doesn’t bother with the sofa any more. I’ve had four cats in my lifetime (all declawed) but not one was ever a killer claw queen like this one. Now we just love each other and my molars have only been ground down by half.


  21. Lots of good questions–made me scratch my head and smile.


  22. Aah, questions! Cookies! Here are my answers:
    Sod’s law.
    You forgot to save the sock-eating monster from your old machine! Some soulless new machines don’t have one, and sometimes they contain baby monsters that take years to grow: in infancy the monsters eat only fluff…
    – pass – pass –
    The meteor thing is a numbers game. The surface of the earth is enormous, and the amount of built up space is tiny…
    Your inquisitive mind is too restless to not zero in on new questions, like the cookie monster on a fresh tray of c-o-o-k-i-e-s.
    And cats are a law unto themselves.


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