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Lady Sings the Blues


My eight-and-a- half-year-old granddaughter attended dance camp for a week this summer. I can’t take credit for this opportunity given her; her other grandmother signed her up. I’m grateful and pleased because HMJ had a ball and a new passion has been born.

For four consecutive days, the girls learned a new dance: contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and cheer. Our girl has no previous dance experience like I noticed a lot of the other girls had. HMJ might have been a beat behind at times, but I cried with pride as I watched her glow and dance as if she was born to it. When did she become so confident, this quiet and sensitive child?

On the last day of the week, a dance recital was staged to demonstrate what the kids had learned in the span of a week. Parents and grandparents were invited to the presentation.

HMJ made my eyes water.

What’s this? Old lady tears? But I’m not O-L-D, though I notice I’m becoming soft and cry more easily. . .

As well as dance, various other camps were present: singing, music and craft. Each group showed off their best talents.

Of course when you have a presentation, you need an MC to keep the program moving along and a sidekick to add spice. All the councilors in charge appeared to be college students—these camps and recital took place at our local college. The sidekick was entertaining and not bad looking.

The MC was a tall muscular fellow wearing a red baseball cap and sporting a square jaw and pouty Paul Newman mouth. I gawked at the athletic legs peeking out below the hem of his shorts. Did I mention he was tall? He reminded me of younger days and another young man so long ago. I couldn’t take me eyes off him. I don’t know anyone as sexy as a male entertaining young children, don’t you see?

Get a hold of yourself, you’re a GRANDmother. . .

OMG. I’m a cougar!

At my granddaughter’s recital.

What the heck is happening to me? Oh how I would like to turn back the clock for at least fifteen minutes.


Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

53 thoughts on “Lady Sings the Blues

  1. Rawr! There’s nothing wrong with that! He sounds dreamy.


  2. Oh how great! And I agree with Jell Jell, ROAR – go gettem grandma! 😉


  3. Great post! Nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of life!


  4. Still got some groove in you, huh…Well, 15 minutes sure ain’t gonna help you none but you can bring back sexy no matter that you’re a grandma. Just put on your red stilettos and handle your business.


  5. Oh I love your posts! You have such a wonderful outlook on life! Nothing wrong with looking at some nice legs! 😉 And you aren’t OLD! Not with your cool attitude and sense of humor! Love the story about dance camp. I’d be misty eyed right next to you!


    • Thank you Judy, you’re most kind. I did say I wasn’t O-L-D; the word is NOT in my dictionary. Anyway, positive though attracts positive outcome. Sometimes my focus is bang on. If I didn’t have a sense of humour, I’d probably have aches and pains and I’m not ready for any of that.

      We’re looking into dance instruction for our little dance this fall.


  6. You should have taken pics of all the muscular young men 😉
    I think when you get to a certain age, all you really want to do with them is look – because you know just exactly what they’re hiding under all those muscles. It’s invariably just another bloke…
    Congrats to the young lady – may she take this opportunity and use the sky as the limit!


    • Yup, getting my ticker into third gear is all I needed for a moment or two. Still, nice to look at all those muscles.
      My granddaughter has been dancing all day everyday since dance camp with little sister trying to copy her. Dance instruction is in her future.


  7. Lovely post, we don’t have camps like that in SA, what a great idea for the school holidays. No harm in looking at a bit of eye candy, they are not averse to charming old ladies either 😉


    • In North America, we have many different summer camps for children. Some are camping out, where children stay (away from home) for a week or two and enjoy swimming, canoeing, sitting by the bonfire at night telling ghost stories etc.
      My heart especially pitter-patters when a handsome clerk listens well and is polite. I’m such a soft touch. Sheesh.


  8. You wouldn’t say that if you saw The Wiggles. More unsexy children’s entertainers never existed. But I cry too at kids’ concerts!


    • I have seen the Wiggles and believe it or not, neither of my grand girls like them.

      As life roars on, I appreciate much more all things especially children: how capable and smart they are and how truly precious. Drat, where’s my kleenex?


  9. You go Gran. Just keep smiling too 🙂


  10. Oh My God Tess I am rolling on the floor.
    You had me nodding my head while reading, “yes Tess, it;s so endearing to see our grand babies do well”.,, and I”m reading.. and then.. Bam! I’m transported to manville. What’s this? On Tess’s blog, surely I turned off at the wrong corner.

    Oh you delight me my friend! I so enjoyed this. ~ BB


  11. I think being more prone to cry has nothing to do with age, but rather shows a greater compassion than before.


  12. Grrr, baby, grrrr!!! You cracked me up with this one 🙂 Sounds like your granddaughter had a great time at camp – very cool.


  13. A fun blog…Every time I see Owen Wilson, George Clooney or Matthew McConaughey on screen, I go weak at the knees. You’re never too old to pant!


  14. Photos??? Wish you would’ve shared more of Mr. Yummy with the rest of us….lol


  15. WAY TO GO Tess!!!!! You rock. Lusting after a young man. I love it.


  16. What does being a grandmother have to do with anything at all? Sure would like to know … really.

    Love that your granddaughter loved dance camp!


  17. Art appreciation extends well beyond the artistic function at hand, and I’m glad you appreciate fine art. You went to appreciate dance, and got a bonus exhibit of sculpture. Cool!


  18. And I’m sure you could teach him a thing or two!
    Grandmas are allowed to cry, they make us feel so proud don’t they?


  19. I had a coffee up the nose moment, Kate. HAHA.


  20. Goodheavens, I meant Tess. I need more coffee.


  21. Ha ha ha ha — it would only be worth about 15 minutes lol. I’m glad the gd had a great time with her dance camp.


  22. This is GORGEOUS Tess! I love every word! A cougar is just another way of saying that you are alive!!!! 🙂


  23. It’s all awesome. I’m so glad your grand-daughter had such a good time at dance camp. So many times I think local dance studios (at least where I live) want those kids dancing from toddler age and shun older kids. Also, I think that they push competitive dancing rather than just the art of moving your body around and having fun expressing yourself to music. That’s why I pulled my daughters out of dance.

    But don’t you worry about being a “cougar.” If you don’t notice male beauty right int front of you, you might as well be dead. (At least that’s how I feel!)

    Rock on!


  24. Hey! Grandmothers can be cougars too!


    Hope your enjoying your blog break!

    I love Gigi’s comment above!

    Happy September.


  25. Hahaha Classic…I think like this and I’m not a Grandmother …yet. But The Lord did do a good job when He designed these young handsome men we come across. He’s quite the artist I think! 😉


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