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Flash in the Pan – Lightening


Slim ran a three-finger hand through his hair; his chin dropped to his chest. “I don’t know what the world’s coming to,” he said.

Moose shook his head. “Big Sam was having a barbeque, you say?

“Yeah, last Saturday. I never seen a kid so broken up. Poor Jackie.”

“That Big Sam’s kid?”

“Yeah, small for his age—only nine years old. He’s the one found it.” Slim looked away; his shoulders sagged.

Moose cleared his throat. “Geez—no way.” He closed his eyes.

“Kid can’t get it—his new dog is dead. Had the pup but two months,” Slim said in a gruff voice.

“They know who done it?”

“Nope, but it was white lightening in the water dish.

“Ah, stupid. Stupid waste.”

~ o ~

Lightning was inspired by M3 Flash Fiction challenge. DO check it out and play!

The word limit for dinner was 125 words; this post is a mere 124 words.

Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

38 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan – Lightening

  1. Fabbo! Moonshine will get you every time. People can suck so bad, eh?


  2. Wonderful, Tess. A full-blown story in 124 words. Can hardly believe it! Well done.


  3. I’m presuming white lightening is a poison?
    I’ve had 2 dogs poisoned a few years back – and I still don’t get why.
    Such a stupid thing to do – good story Tess.


  4. In the UK White Lightening is a brand of cheap cider! Doesn’t kill you but gives you a hell of a hangover!


  5. I have tears Tess 😦
    Very well told.


  6. Very sad, very well written, and all the more heartwrenching with the accompanying photograph, what a cutie!


  7. It simply makes me sick when people do something like this to animals. Great story.

    Love the pic too!


  8. Great use, great flash. Sad story though


  9. Wow, Tess! Very well written! You packed so much into 124 words.


  10. Awe that is so sad! Poor puppy. Nicely written though


  11. Writing good short stories is are rare talent. One you seem to have. Write on…


  12. I had no idea what white lightening was (is it lightning?). But now I know – what a sad story – but well told! ps Patricia’s puss looks just like mine!


  13. Wonder if he died happy, though?


  14. Well done! Makes me want to read more.of this story.


  15. Oh man.

    This ticks me off.

    Some powerful writing going on here.

    Thanks for sharing it.


  16. A sad but an interesting piece for http://FTP...

    I hope that your day is a good one