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It’s About Time!


I gave in a week ago, casting all doubts to the cosmos. For the life of me, I can’t
understand what took me this long. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised after
all these years, yet I’m still baffled why I hold back on many decisions, especially at this stage of my life. (Might this also clarify my shortcomings?

For years I’ve been freezing my heinie off in this place, and yearning for warmth like a cat craving a heat-generating sunbeam during afternoon sunlight.

I want to shout to anyone who will listen: I OWN AN ELECTRIC BLANKET NOW. In the past week, I’ve played with all its buttons to determine my best comfort zone. Seems to me, levels one to four work only half-heartedly. The last button, high, works like a charm. Oh my goodnessreal warmth.

Robin of asked me recently ‘if the cold weather was making me randy’ (due to another post, tee hee). Sad to confess, in the past week since this purchase, I can’t wait to get into bed. Don’t jump to conclusions—listen. I watch the clock, yawn, peek at the clock again, dive into the covers and giggle. So easy am I!

Note to self: Turn on electric blankie 15 minutes before bedtime.


My kitty, Lady Gaga, has liked me well enough since we met last summer. She’s like a little kid, lively for a bit once I  engage her in play, but when I’m out of sight, she comes running for a hug to confirm she’s still loved. Another notable hint about her is she naps like a kid from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (breakfast having been served at 7:00 a.m.).

From the first time I plugged in the blankie and introduced Lady Gaga. to its wonders, this is the closest to I love you I’ve ever seen on any cat’s secret face.

Naptime the day after the new reveal with no glorious heat as she expected now, Lady Gaga looked quizzical, eyebrows knit together tightly. I saw the what’s-wrong-with-our-new-special-blankie look.

“Sorry, Lady G. It only works from dark until dawn,” I said aloud if only to convince myself.

So, her look said,  you’re saving this one for good again—or,  does this only mean I’m not good enough?

“Don’t be like that, Lady G. It’s not cold enough yet.”

She peered at me, her eyes half-slits, “Have you considered you might be cheap, or maybe I’m not good enough?”

“Rules, Lady Gaga, rules. We must both wait until dark. Electricity’s a bitch.”


Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

39 thoughts on “It’s About Time!

  1. Happy you’ve taken the plunge. I’m sure that warmth is delightful!


    • Not only is it DE-light-FUL, Len, I can’t imagine how I survived the past (?) years without this soft, embracing heat. It’s not like a heater (too hot). I don’t sweat; it’s perfect. I believe my cat likes the electric blanket better than the fireplace.


  2. Hi Tss,
    My mom used to sleep in the glassed in back porch, and Michigan winters were COLD. But she didn’t mind a bit. My bedtime routine was to kiss her goodnight and go turn on her electric blanket on my way to bed, and she was always toasty warm.


    • Naomi, I had no IDEA what I’ve been missing. Sure I had to experience a trial and error period the first few days but this invention is next to being in heaven. The heat is soft. I don’t sweat. I’m just toasty. Why did it take me so long?
      Most likely because I can’t make snap decisions (snap=5 to 10 years tops).


  3. Hahaha when I was little I remember my grandmother saying that electric blankets were dangerous – you could get an electric shock and die in your bed. I don’t know if this stuck in my head but I’ve never had one! I like to layer up Ikea fleece blankies instead!


    • After my daughter and son-in-law showed me their electric blanket, I pooh, poohed them, thinking they were idiots because they would end up electrocuted. Since I bought mine, electrocution is the last thing on my mind. The light heat is so intoxicating, I throw all caution to the wind—maybe that’s another thing we can call a FIX. Nice to hear from you, Gilly.


  4. it’s been years since I slept with an electric blanket – but I remember it very well 😉
    Of course here it never gets quite as cold as it does in your neck of the woods so a hot water bottle and excess clothing has always sorted me out for warmth, but there’s nothing quite like getting into an already hot bed on a cold winter’s evening 😉
    Good for you Tess!! Who knows, you and the Lady might just start enjoying the heat during the day as well 🙂


    • Thanks, Ghia. When I first retired I found time to nap, especially on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe because when I was growing up, my parents took time for a nap Sundays. Many times, I’ve wanted to sink into my nest for a quick 40 or 80 winks but these days don’t have a timeslot for that.

      My Lady Gaga is really like a baby. Up at 7:00 for breakfast. Down for a nap by 10:00 until supper. Good grief! I guess that’s a cat’s life.


  5. Ooh, yes, switch on well before bedtime!
    A couple of years ago I treated myself to a furry blanket for the couch. So toasty, to snuggle into it when the heatings not up to snuff.
    It’s amazing how luxurious a little warmth can feel, isn’t it?


  6. They are so wonderful! Especially when coupled with flannel sheets.


  7. I have a not-so-secret love affair with my heating pad. Instant warmth! My husband understands:)


  8. My two daughters extol the many virtues of electric blankets — especially for their arthritic joints– Tess. As do most animals I know. Guess I’m odd person out –I’m throwing the covers off through the night! But enjoy your cozy new world under the warmth…Just had a thought: does Ms Gaga purr more when under the covers?


  9. I had the same ah ha moment when I bought a space heater to put next to my desk. What took me so long?!?


    • Hey, Robin. that’s another thing I’ve been mincing about. A heater for MY ‘office’. This winter I’ve felt a draft from the window on my left. Today, and not for the first time, while typing, I thought my fingers would click off. No more procrastination. A heater will be in place before the weekend. CHECK!


  10. I’m not much for electric blankets but I love my feather duvet. Hard to get out of bed when it’s all cozy warm.


  11. Ha! Never cold again, there is the ticket. I threw mine out when I moved back to Texas but I understand this need for heat, I do. Have you given your new pal a name yet?

    I am amazed it took you so long.


  12. My mother swears by her electric blanket. Fortunately, I have Liam to stick my cold feet on. Best not ask how he feels about that though! 🙂


  13. I had one once and thought it was wonderful but by the time it broke my heating system was off kilter and I spent my days cold and my nights hot enough to leave swamp water if I didn’t move from time to time. Now flannel sheets and blankets make me feel cuddled.


  14. Ooh lovely. I’ve never had an electric blanket but I love my hot water bottle with the fluffy cover!


  15. I love electric blankets! They are amazing and genius items, aren’t they? Perfect for this cold, cold winter!


  16. Oh Tess how I wait for the nights when I am cold again.
    I have been dealing with being overly warm in flashes for the last 20 some yrs. Wish someone would invent a “cold blanket.”
    To need an electric blanket would be heaven. Nothing kike crawling into a bed all toasty and warm.

    Good on you going for after what makes you both comfortably warm happily content. ~


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