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You Light Up My Life


Quick—no cheating. How many lights are on in your house? Forget the ceiling, think lower, say eye-level or thereabouts. Can you believe this list?

  1. Nightlight in the bathroom
  2. Nightlight in the kitchen
  3. Clock on the stove
  4. Clock on the microwave
  5. Digital Clock radio and alarm in bedroom
  6. TV black box
  7. DVD player
  8. Stereo (light on whether in use or not)
  9. Cordless Dirt Devil in the laundry-room (at the ready when required)
  10. Printer (always on)
  11. PC Woofer (always on)
  12. Modem (on most of the day)
  13. PC Tower (on most of the day)
  14. PC Monitor (on most of the day)
  15. Cordless phone home base (always)

Some time ago, I heard talk one might save on hydro if TVs and PCs and their supporting hardware are unplugged when not in use. When might that be?

I see only three items in my list which are not in use all day long. I might be tempted to unplug them, but I need to know the payoff to me first. Would I remember to disconnect on a regular basis? Supposedly, most electronics now have a snooze mode when not in use (in limbo during coffee break), but I’m not sure what that does exactly. No-one explains when you buy all the new-fangled electronics how much energy you are saving when they are in sleep mode.

Recently, a full page in the newspaper advertised it’s possible to save 20% off your hydro bill. Call us and we’ll show you how. What’s the big secret? Why not include the tips in the same ad?

When I started this post, my intention wasn’t to talk about hydro savings. I wanted to count how many current electronic necessities in our lives are always ON: with tiny red, green or yellow beacons.  Why do I need tiny lights, I’m not working in the dark.

Microsoft Clipart

Microsoft Clipart

  1. Even when I shut off my PC, why don’t the monitor, woofer/ speaker and printer shut off too? They’re all plugged into the same  power bar and CPU. Aren’t they?
  2. When my stereo (which I never use anymore) is off, a red light stays on anyway. Always.
  3. Since my DVD player and black box are connected to my TV, why do I need to manually power down each separately after the television is off?

See what I mean? Why do we need all these little lights when B is connected to A as is C etc.? Seems to me there must be a better way, especially IF by shutting them all off means $$ in your pocket: one button, one switch.

Excluding my TV, DVD, and radio, almost all the above are in use from morning until night—at my house—I know at yours too, right?


I want to confirm there is more to me than my interest in Flash and Bog Hops and commenting on blogs. I worry about life, the price of eggs and hydro. I  volunteer, take classes and look after my grandkids. Sometimes, I even participate in social activities (at least a couple of times a year–when I find time). I’m a go-go-go grandma. My days vanish in a flash.

With all these machines to lighten the load, do work faster, and have more time on my hands, I find I have less. I’m retired to heavens sakes!

And life costs more.

And I am technically challenged but I do have bright ideas.

And I’m always scrambling to find time to read!


Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

24 thoughts on “You Light Up My Life

  1. We all know there is more to you! I know it does make a difference in the bill. I power strip all of my devices when we sleep so they cannot suck juice in my sleep. I cannot definitively tell you how much it saves because I have done it for more than two decades. Someone recently asked my electric costs and was floored, mouth agape aghast, at how low it is. ($0.05 per square foot per month)

    Right now: Laptop, modem, alarm clock, fridge, television and converter. Total. No lights (It is just now dusk.), no clock on the micro or stove (I disconnected them), air conditioning is off and the telly goes off in 25 minutes when the kiddles go to bed.


    • Oh, and your hand vac will last longer if you take it off charge when it is full. Only plug it when low; otherwise, it learns you only use it for 2 minutes at a time and no matter how long it charges, it will only run for 2 minutes. 🙂 xxx


    • As I mentioned to another commenter, in my country the electric company suggested how we can save money on our bills. As well, we have a time of use charge: certain times are charged higher than others. Anyway, customers began to pay attention and because the usage was indeed lowered, the outcry came back that hydro didn’t collect enough revenue so they needed to raise the rates…

      I had to slam my head against my desk just now. Ugh.


  2. The only things I can think of that are on all the time are the refrigerator, 3 clock radios,clock on microwave and stove, hot water heater computer modem thingie. The TV, DVD player, computer, and printer are on power strips that I shut off when not in use. Which if I figured it right the power bill averages about $2.50 a day. I think that is pretty good.


    • You have an awesome hydro bill. Our electricity is super high and goes up and up at the drop of a whim at the corporate level. Maddening. Then customers get smart and start finding way to shut off power when not in use and the hydro company complains–yes complains–their revenues weren’t high enough and they must raise them because…yada yada. Love hearing from you Patricia. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Don’t worry we know that you are one heck of a lady!
    You are so right, at first I though no I’ve only got one light on where I’m sitting but then I started noticing all those sneaky little monsters, and there are loads of them – bad news.
    Life is manically busy isn’t it? I don’t have time to turn around most days and I certainly don’t have time to work 37.5 hours a week !


    • Busy, busy. Makes me wonder how I got anything done when I was still in the workforce. Anyway, my question still is why do we need to have every little thing have a silly light on it. Probably to show it’s ON…


  4. Everything has it’s own power source Tess. So they each have to be switched off individually. I’ve gotten into the habit of switching off at the wall socket. The only things that’s always on would be the one plug in my bedroom, the microwave, the fridge and the stereo. Only lights burning at night would be the kitchen light, microwave light, stereo light, light is the study and maybe the light in my bedroom.
    Our electricity has risen by a,most 100% in the past two or three years – so it pays to have everything switched off as much as possible!


    • Yes, electricity keeps going up and up. We have all these sources of help and pleasure but need to pay through the nose for the privilege. This turned out to be a good subject for conversation. Thanks for contributing, Ghia.


  5. Boy did this get me thinking and rummaging around my place, lights on the smoke alarms, the purifier, ad nausea. And, yes, all the energy cost, etc. and wondering what it all does to one’s body? I’m with you on those last two lines, tech stuff is my nemesis! Sounds though that you have a good and full life, and yeah what’s up with no time once retired, lol. (although I am still working, legitimately, part time). Have a good weekend.


  6. Great blog, Tess. It’s fine to unplug stuff when you live alone, but all Hell breaks loose when your kids come home and get irritated that nothing works! Of course, they all have a wonderful tree growing outside their windows that provides them with money every time they run short…


    • Even when you live alone, you fumble and collect dust bunnies you didn’t want to know about and crack your kneed and the cat has to stick her nose into everything and…and…
      Thanks for coming by, Laurie. Nice to see you.


  7. Ah Tess, we know there is more to you than this!

    Like Red I power strip everything, I flip the strip off when I turn things off though somethings I rarely power all the way down.


  8. I’m kicking myself around because I know how much energy we can save for the planet if we turn many of these things off. Guess I’ll prowl around the house some more. Thanks.


  9. I really cannot be bothered to switch all these bits and pieces off on a daily basis. I will do it when we go away, then all power is switched off at source and the fridge is put on vacation mode. If you are at home all day and likely to need to switch the TV or stereo on at any moment why make life more difficult for yourself? Our electricity bill is very low compared to friends and neighbours in our area as we have had solar water heating for 30 years now so I don’t beat myself up about the small stuff.


  10. The only time I have is in front of the computer reading blogs such as yours. That is how I find time for myself and converser my energy as well. One thing, does wrist watch count?


  11. Me too – finding time to read. Although I have read lots in the last 2 weeks. I sometimes wonder what I’m amassing knowledge FOR. Still. As for all the ‘on’ things – I can’t see myself going round flicking switches all the time. If there was a single off switch, maybe. Except computers don’t like to be shut down like that. It’s all too complicated!


Some things in life are complicated. Let's keep it simple.

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