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Hot Flash – Crazed


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morgueFile free photos

Skinny and Ichabod-like, Herman hated Val, the dreamboat. His teaching methods baffled everyone. Val questioned an explanation; Herman hurled chalk. Swearing clouded the air;  students booed.

“Get the principal,” someone said.

“You’re crazed. Take your hooks offa me.”

Herman hoisted Val by the scruff, like refuse, onto a coat hook.

~ * ~

This is the new Fall Quarter of Flash in the Pan. The theme is Disturbed.

The word limit for Crazed is 50 words. I used them all.

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Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

46 thoughts on “Hot Flash – Crazed

  1. woah that’s a tad nasty! 🙂 Good crazed Tess!


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know someone (via story telling) that actually hung some of her descendants on coat hooks, or was it doorknobs? 🙂


  3. You can tell a story!!!!


  4. ‘Skinny and Ichabod-like’ – great description, I can see him now 😉


  5. Great story, Ms. Tess! I have some therapy interventions for that chalk-hurler 😀


  6. If he can’t keep his hands off his pupils, let’s hope he’s fired on the spot.

    Statistically, I think those who are ridiculous-looking or ugly tend to be victims of violence, not the perpetrators. We’ve just learnt the association of virtue with good looks, and evil with bad – remember the witches? As we “learn” this through stories, maybe it’s best to avoid reinforcing negative stereotypes?


  7. Intense classroom scene!


  8. Wow! That was intense. I would love to see where this scene would lead to.


  9. I’m right there, so close all I see is the face, the anger. I sure don’t see the big picture. I can’t wait.

    Do you ever turn these into stories? Novellas?


  10. Hi Tess, Isn’t it funny how so many of us ask you the same questions; what happens next and when will you make a full story for us of your many creative writings? 🙂


  11. I have worked in classrooms and I have seen scenes like this many times. Great work! Way to use those 50 words!


  12. We used to have a teacher who would throw tennis balls at someone who talked during class, but he was such a bad aim that whenever he went to throw the ball we all ducked since who knows where it would go. Kept us on our toes, but I don’t think I learned much from him. Too busy ducking.


  13. Ooops!!! One tough dude. 😉 Nice work Tess.


  14. A bit of violence in the classroom? Well every now and then this is what it takes.


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