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100-Word Challenge–The Contest


Meet a woman who never sleeps and writes until I’m sure she drops or simply pours another coffee and continues.

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular “Building a Midshipman”, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy. She is webmaster for six blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a columnist for and TeachHUB, Editorial Review Board member for Journal for Computing Teachers, monthly contributor to Today’s Author and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. In her free time, she is editor of technology training books for how to integrate technology in education. Currently, she’s editing a techno-thriller that should be out to publishers next summer.

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I got tagged by Tess over at How the Cookie Crumbles. She’s a regular participant in Julia’s One-Hundred Word Challenge for Adults. I’m not. I could never keep to the schedule, but Tess’s submittals are amazing.

So one week, I commented on her pithy submission. The next week, Tess formed her weekly challenge around my comment–and the race was on. I had to respond. Right? As my efriend Peter says over at Counting Ducks:

Yellow is the heart of green.

Understand? (You thought I wasn’t paying attention, didn’t you, Peter?)

Here’s my response to Tess (you’ll have to read the prior piece to understand my answer) and to catch up  from the beginning:

 * * *

She hung up, confused.

“What’s wrong?” Harry sipped his umbrella drink. Truth, he had shoes older than Collette. And better made. Still, a man had to try or he was dead.

“Oh, nothing… I guess…” Her frown said otherwise.

Harry bit his tongue, hoping to escape.

“Did I mention these folks love a drink? They’re coming over—said a bar’s a better meeting place than the school. I should have remembered that.”

That ticked Harry off. “Why’d you tell them you were here?”

But he knew why. He suggested it. He sighed. Life was indeed the greatest show on Earth.


If you’re in my Chapman Writer’s Group–you know who I’m talking about!


Anyone can join the fun. All it takes is 100 measly words to move the story forward. Contact me and I’d love to add you to (the organized)  list. The last person to contribute 100 words will receive a  $10.00 coffee gift card of your choice in Canada or the U.S. (if it is attainable).  Do I have your attention now? We have all summer long and b.e.y.o.n.d…and you may enter more than once but not consecutively.

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I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

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  1. A bar is always the best place, maybe a cafe, I prefer. I am fascinated by these 100 words .. 🙂


  2. Oh! Very good continuation.


  3. Well done, my friend!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  4. Like the line ‘a man had to try or he was dead.’ Good continuation.


  5. bravissimo! I’d rather participate by reading these wonderful back and forths. and I am such a blabbermouth… husband says it takes me 100 words just to respond to the question, how have you been?


  6. Excellent continuation…I’m nervous 😉


  7. I love Jacqui’s response/continuation 🙂


  8. I love this intricate wordplay between the bloggers! The Netherworld blog which you so kindly paid a recent visit to became as intricate as it is because of a blogging relationship between our founder and a one-time friend of hers. Sadly, that friendship did not end well. Happily, The Netherworld still thrives!