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What the heck is the YA Scavenger Hunt?


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I know. It’s feast or famine with me. I never re-blog. Go forth and win free books. 🙂

Jennifer M Eaton

scavenger hunt

Let the games begin!

Well, in a few days, anyway.


The YA Scavenger hunt is this awesome web-based scavenger hunt where you can win tons of signed paperback books from some really great young adult authors!

scavenger_hunt_2All you have to do is follow the links between the blogs, find the magic numbers on each post (don’t worry, we won’t make it that hard), tally up the winning number, and then enter to win a signed paperback from EVERY author on the team!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Yes, you read that right. If you win, you will receive TWENTY signed paperbacks (Including mine if you play for the green team) And you can follow the hunt for more than one team for the chance to win more great books. There are a hundred paperback books in all up for grabs!


Here’s the team breakdowns, and the books that you can win. So start planning!


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3 thoughts on “What the heck is the YA Scavenger Hunt?

  1. I hope you win some great books!


  2. The font reminds me of a graffiti-creation website I found for my middle schoolers.

    So–how’s it going?