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On the Yangtze River: Day 13, Part 2


(No pictures again. I have no idea what I was thinking that I forgot to take some. Next episode we’ll be back to normal—almost.)

Chinese Saying:

            “If you run out of oil for the hot pot, just pour in some wine.”

Images of Chinese hot pot

~ * ~

Sue returned livid from the morning’s excursion to the Red Cliffs. It had been awful, she told me. The group had started with 26 people and ended up with six. Why did some say it had been a wonderful tour, when Sue thought it was a waste of time? Why didn’t people tell the truth? There had been nothing to see except fake building fronts.

LUNCH Offerings

Cold salads: pasta; orange broccoli; apple and celery; dry bean curd with sour sauce; chicken in herb sauce and red beans with vegetables

Salad Bar

Romaine; red cabbage (chunks and sliced); cucumber slices; grape tomatoes; sliced black olives; real bacon bits; Parmesan; cubed melon; adorable baby oranges and watermelon slices


Italian, Thousand Island and French

 Hot lunch

Dumplings; roasted chicken wings; dry-fried string beans; roasted pork with bamboo shoots; roasted potatoes; braised fish with tomato and sesame; stir fried mixed vegetable with a sauce; French Fries; seasonal green vegetables; steamed white rice; creamed vegetable soup; mushroom and chicken soup.

White bread, sliced, rolls and butter


Lemon Jello; tarts; strawberry cheese cake; caramel custard; green tea mousse and chocolate cake

© 2014 Tess @ How the Cookie Crumbles

© 2014 Tess @ How the Cookie Crumbles

On-board Activities 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

The on-board doctor and his assistant gave a Chinese Medicine lecture, primarily about acupuncture. I found the presentation interesting, but I’m sure the purpose was to drum up business. A line of people signed up for a consultation afterwards. I believe a fee figured in there, but I don’t remember clearly.

Afterwards, an hour-long old documentary was shown about the Three Gorges Dam and evacuation of the people.

We dressed up for the Captain’s cocktail party (6:00 – 7:00 p.m.). I wore a long sun-dress and my favorite four-inch heels (hard to put on over bare feet, but no way was I wearing hose). Sue dressed in a skirt and top and her new shoes, but her feet and ankles were still too swollen. She felt self-conscious showing them off and changed into pants.

Up the stairs we toddled in our finery. The crew was lined up in the foyer, on Deck 5. Flutes of cheap champagne were handed out and the crew stood in a receiving line outside the entrance to the bar and restaurant. I was startled that the captain was the shortest male in attendance. He had nice teeth and his smile made me think of a certain Russian leader–a shorter version. Why had this crossed my mind? I can’t make this stuff up (yes, stuff). Honest.

Four females partnered with male crew members started the dancing. Not all danced ballroom well, but the long gowns were interesting as were their efforts. Next they each picked members of the audience and one fellow from our English Group 8 was chosen to which he obligated. I’m glad it wasn’t me.

Brave couples joined the dancers for the Chicken Dance, the Macarena, the Twist, a line dance and a jive. I noticed two young guys (late thirties?) appeared to share the same girl for dancing. I’m always surprised when any male gets up to dance without a gun to his head. I guess the spirit really moved them to shake their booty.

Robert, our first tour guide in China, was on-board with another group to look after. We the English Group 8 had no-one while on the ship, unlike all the other groups.

Cocktails over, the crew lined up across the dance floor, toasts were made and drunk. The captain schmoozed and moved around the room, but it appeared to me his heart wasn’t in it. A camera guy followed him as close as butter on bread. Pictures would be on sale soon after dinner. Monitors with screen shows were available to view and choose photos for purchase. Nothing happens here without a chance of making an extra buck I guess.


Cold salads: Romaine; red cabbage; sliced red cabbage; toothpick-sliced raw carrots; chickpeas;  Longan (lychee fruit); cubed melon; sliced watermelon and cubed pineapple.

Quartered tomatoes sprinkled with Parmesan; corn and tuna salad, cauliflower salad with (thin) white cheese slices; squid with local style broccoli with Natto and mixed cow peas with pickles


Roasted shoulder butt (what? That’s what the card said.); mushroom sauce; black pepper sauce; fried pork with peppers; roast Taro; stir fried pork and mushroom; chicken with potatoes; steamed fish fillet with spiced cabbage; grilled eggplant; boiled pork with mixed mushrooms; pizza squares; white rice; white cream potato soup and stewed spare ribs soup with wax gourd


Chocolate brownies; peach pie (cake); strawberry mousse; jelly roll and cake with icing.

I don’t eat dessert. When I asked how they were, the ladies who tried them stated they were tasteless and it was impossible to tell one from the other.

After dinner, I sweet talked our young waiter to top up my wine glass, which I then took back to the cabin. Another lady in our group asked for a filled glass as  well, and gave it to me. I kept Sue talking till around 11:00 p.m. because I didn’t want the lights out yet, and wanted to type up some of my notes from the day.

~ * ~

Next on December 26, On the Yangtze River, Day 14, Part 3 (Excursion to Three Gorges Dam)

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I will be taking time for the holidays starting late Tuesday.  I’ll pop in and out when time permits. I have another post coming on Tuesday for Christmas wishes.  


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70 thoughts on “On the Yangtze River: Day 13, Part 2

  1. A girl after my own heart with your wine negotiations. 🙂 Fake building fronts seem to have happened a lot I understand when China hosted the Olympics. Seems like a lot of money to hide poor neighborhoods when it would have been better spent to help the people. Sorry just on a rant here. 🙂


    • Ha ha ha. Birds of a feather? Is that the gist of this? 😀 😀
      The excursion was to Red Cliffs where a huge battle had been fought. The buildings were supposed to represent what was there before and Sue was ticked off they were just fronts of buildings like in a movie set (probably in an old one).

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  2. A day of great feasts. Sounds like such a good time. 🙂


  3. Don’t you feel smart–skipping that tour!


  4. Disappointing when folks go out to see things and come back feeling out of sorts. It rather defeats the purpose of going on the tour!


  5. Hobnobbing with the captain, were you? Fancy! On a side note, I couldn’t be the captain of a ship if it meant I had to socialize and mingle at a captain’s cocktail party on a regular basis. The introvert in me would never make it…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Why was Sue disappointed, what did she expect to see?
    I love that line – “I’m always surprised when any male gets up to dance without a gun to his head”
    Great post – you can’t beat a good moan!


  7. Oh drat, I read through, typed my comment and it disappeared! So briefly and if remembered. So disappointed that you didn’t do the chicken dance or Macarena lol. Food always makes my mouth water, even roasted shoulder butt. 😀 smoochin is part of the game, tourist are perfect, money to be made from every turn. Think that was it ..😀💙💜


  8. Oh hun you didn’t do the chicken dance?? Or the Macerana? The food for the most part always makes my mouth water when I read it (even the shoulder butt lol ) all that smoochin is done for a reason as you know, but I guess they have to grab ever money paying opportunity they can and tourists are perfect 💙😀 xx


  9. I wouldn’t dance either, I am like a brick, no legs or arms, I loved your sweets but then you saying they were tasteless.. disappointment… great post… 😉


  10. Oh yes, got that extra glass of wine from your friend, a girl after my own heart, haha 🙂 I love dancing but I’m no ballroom dancer. When I met hubby I was so happy he would get up and dance with me, totally uninhibited. My ex, married 22 years, never danced with me. For someone who has to get up and dance no matter what (me) that was not good, so got up and danced on my own, lol 🙂 No more though 🙂 Shame about the Red Cliffs tour for Sue, bet you were glad you didn’t go. Nice for you to dress up too and love your description of the Russian…sorry…Chinese captain 😉 Thoroughly enjoyed this post Tess, as always 🙂
    I’m signing off today with a short Christmas post so sadly I’ll miss yours on Tuesday, I know there is no way I can keep up with blogging now with still so much to do, but I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and New Year now…and I’ll catch up with you in 2015. Have a wonderful time my friend 🙂 >3 ❤ ❤


  11. 聖誕快樂,新年快樂 (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)


  12. All the different food around the world is fascinating. I’m very intrigued by the green tea mousse.
    >Well that settles it then… If dancing is a requirement for cruises, then i won’t put one on my bucket list. (Psycho-Ex convinced me that i can’t dance or choose a decent gift… and some things just don’t get “unlearned” no matter how many decades go by. LOL. That’s my excuse about dancing, and i’m stickin’ with it! 😀 )
    >Seriously though, it seems like you had an amazing journey. Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and a New Year that brings everything you want. Holiday hugs! :megreen:


  13. First, Happy Happy Holidays (all of them). I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful time with family and enjoy yourself entirely.

    The Green Tea Mousse is one of my favorites, it is unfortunate it wasn’t done well (according to your tour partners). I will not rant about the false front buildings, I noted someone else already did.

    I so enjoy following along with you on your holiday, with or without pictures you do such a delightful job of carrying us through your days. Four inch heels? I am impressed.



    • Thanks ever so much, Val. I wish the best of the best for you this Christmas and in the New Year.

      I have pictures coming up of some of the desserts (geez I could have borrowed a picture from another day). The desserts looked wonderful but the ladies were disappointed. It didn’t stop them from trying them over and over again at each meal though. 🙂
      Yeah. I love those shoes. A guy with the French Group gave me the once over when he saw me in those nosebleeds. 🙂 😀


  14. This account wasn’t as upbeat as the others. I understand why though. Building fronts, who would have guessed that they’d pull a stunt like that?


  15. Fake building fronts – boo! What a swizz. I’m loving the boat though – fabulous


  16. I remember those fake building fronts. And empty cement buildings half-made. We were told they were being made for people to move into, but whole blocks of them with no one around were spooky.


  17. I’m glad you were ‘laid back’ as it seems to have been a busy trip. I honestly don’t know how I’d get by with the food, I don’t eat meat and I’m incredibly fussy 🙂


  18. I have to admit I liked reading about the deserts 🙂 How was the green tea mousse? It sounds interesting!


  19. I have a serious problem with some of your posts…they make me so hungry …off to the kitchen 🙂


  20. After all of the hoofing and hiking all over the country a nice day of relaxing and eating and no drama sounds wonderful! 🙂


  21. I’ve been getting very behind on my blog reading over December! Get you going to the captain’s cocktail party! 😉 In case I don’t cross blog paths with you again before Christmas, Merry Christmas Tess, I do hope you and your family have a lovely time! 🙂

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  22. Have a wonderful Christmas Tess, I am running late and running out of time too!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  23. Hope you went for the to lunch. My vote is that it wasn’t the spirit that moved the young men to shake their booty. Impressed with your four inch heels! On board a ship!


  24. Roasted shoulder butt? He he… That’s a good one!


  25. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Time for the weekly tour of China with our guide Tess at How the Cookie Crumbles – Day 13 and on the Yangtze – mixed reviews for the shore party, shenanigans at the Captain’s Cocktail party and sweet talking waiters….and quite what is roasted shoulder Butt….great as always.


  26. Happy Christmas!! And I would’ve liked to see you in your ball gown!


  27. I do love your honesty Tess.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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  28. Sounds like I might have liked your food choices of the day (lunch and dinner) best of all those you’ve mentioned on previous days. My first thought when you listed them was this: I would have been SO READY to eat the foods I’m used to at least a week prior, lol. Have a wonderful holiday season, Tess. Think I’m going to do the same.


  29. Love that quote at the beginning of your post although I never associated wine with China, although I have heard that the Chinese are getting into wines – I suppose like everything else.
    Sounds like Sue would have been better relaxing on board rather than going on that Red Cliffs excursion. 🙂

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  30. looks like you had a great time 🙂


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