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On the Yangtze, Day 14, Part 3

I awoke before six again and laid around until seven. Sue and I moseyed down to breakfast and were the first arrivals at The English 8 table.

© All Rights Reserved. Used by permission of RJ, a member of English 8

Early Morning. © All Rights Reserved. Used by permission of RJ, a member of English 8

I liked our waiter, who was young and sweet—maybe 17—cute too. I hated thinking he was endearing only with hopes of a tip at the end of our trip. Tips have already been paid according to our travel agent, but some of our group still tipped our guides at the end of their turn with us.

We have no idea what this boat is all about

© All Rights Reserved. Used by permission of RJ, a member of English 8.  (No idea what this barge is about.)

The room for a 9:45 scarf ‘class’ was packed. Every female on board must have been in attendance with a few husbands in tow. The demonstration was great, but I wasn’t. Sue did well with the scarf creations, but I struggled and sucked failed at it. I did learn a couple of new ways to wear a shawl, but all the new scarf strategy escapes me now. I succeeded in not buying a scarf as I have too many at home already.

Afterwards, we watched a PowerPoint presentation about the Yangtze and its interesting point,s but I couldn’t bring myself to scratch any more notes. Later in the presentation, I found myself nodding. My chin dropped to my chest and I sat up with a start. It was warm in the room and I hadn’t done anything physical since we boarded the ship. I didn’t fault the presenter (Ivy), yet on the other hand I did. She wasn’t animated during this informational dump, and sounded like she was reading a boring article, or maybe she was bored.

Two movies were suggested we look up on the internet about China: Still Life and Up the Yangtze. I haven’t come across good links for either of these yet.

Afterwards, Sue took 40 winks while I typed up notes. We’d decided against an early lunch because we weren’t hungry. Big surprise. Our goal was to go for 12:30 and have salads only, and of course I had wine. Three glasses.


Thai Flavor Beef Salad with Fish Sauce; Fruit Salad; Garbanzo Bean Salad (with leftover sausage from breakfast, I’m sure); Pig ear with vegetables (no thanks); bean curd with shallot; mixed five-bean salad (just cold vegetables: corn, peas, beans etc.).

Romaine; large purple cabbage leaves; sliced purple cabbage; grape tomatoes; carrot sticks; raisins; crumbled real bacon; sliced black olives; three dressings: Italian, Thousand Island and French.

Watermelon slices; peeled, sliced orange rounds; pineapple; Longan


Rice balls; steamed chicken and straw mushrooms with soy sauce; baked purple potato; braised squid; pasta with tomato sauce; steamed egg; Litchi meat with sweet and sour sauce; fried fish with garlic; stir fry vegetables; steamed white rice; beef and carrot soup; stewed spare rib soup with wax gourd (is this yesterday’s leftovers?); buns.


At 3:00 p.m., I noticed the Yangtze water was green, like real water not the yellow soup I mentioned earlier. Imagine that. It was foggy and it had rained in the morning. Our ship kept sounding its horn. At lunch an announcement was made: because of the fog, river traffic was one-way. The possibility of making the 4:30 time slot for visiting the Gorge was uncertain. What did this mean? If we were moving forward and in the traffic lane, what was slowing us down except for the fog? It wasn’t that thick. What did one way traffic have to do with anything? All this was confusing, with no easy answers given

© 2014 Tess @ How the Cookie Crumbles

© 2014 Tess @ How the Cookie Crumbles

Departure time kept changing. If the fog continued, as well as the rain and it was dark or late, I didn’t care if we made it to the Gorge even if they had night lights there. What would be the point?

~ * ~

 Chinese Saying:

            What kind of jam cannot be eaten? A traffic jam.

~ * ~

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