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The Ebook Doctor — Part Three – Anatomy of an Ebook


I’m somewhat technically challenged–okay, a lot–but I understand this Anatomy of an Ebook (part 3). If you missed Parts 1 and 2, the links are at the end of this post.

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When you know what an Ebook and E-reader really are, and how they work together, you can learn how to create files that will work properly for your customer/reader.

This post is split into two Sections. The first covers the principles and some useful tools for examining Ebooks. In the in the second Section we will take a detailed look inside the Ebook file.

In later posts we will get to the decision point on the format to use, the problems commonly found in Ebooks, and how to avoid them. And finally a step-by-step guide on how to get a good result.

Inside the Ebook?

Looking at the Anatomy of an Ebook will give you a feel for the overall structure of an Ebook and will give you a better perspective on why formatting your manuscript in very specific ways will help your file pass the import tests for Amazon…

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  4. It IS like this! I am going to have to quit work so that I can write a book, or two or three! Trouble is that my books would be fun, but not big sellers!!


  5. Great, informative series Tess! 🙂