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The Ebook Doctor — Part Three – Anatomy of an Ebook, continued


If you have been following along, this is the next installment on Ebooks. Previous links to date are below this post. Why don’t you just subscribe to be sure you receive all further posts. 😀

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Inside the Ebook file

In the previous section we looked at the principles and some useful tools for examining Ebooks. Today we will take a detailed overview of what is inside the Ebook file.

Apart from the book text, the files stored inside the Ebook Container will also include some key administrative files that help the E-reader navigate through the files and also give it the information about the book:

  • a Metadata file
    This holds the information about the book title, the author, the publisher, the language of the book, ISBN, description of the book, keywords etc.
  • a Contents file
    This holds a list of all the files contained in the package/container
    It also contains the reading order for the text files tells the E-reader where to place images;
  • and an NCX file
    This is the Navigation Control file for XML, which holds the navigational Table of Contents for the book…

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3 thoughts on “The Ebook Doctor — Part Three – Anatomy of an Ebook, continued

  1. Thanks Tess — looks like good advice. Hugs. 😀


  2. These remind me of when I built my own website. There were files within files and God help me if I mixed them up or didn’t get one uploaded to the ftp site. Now, I let others do that. My brain just doesn’t work that way.