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Making your own Ebooks, Part Five – What can you do with your word processor to make your Ebooks better


I know you’ve been waiting for Part Five: Making your Ebook. Tada!

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Let’s start by looking at a list of the most common Ebook problems. If you recognise a problem then you may have a quick solution coming up. We are looking at EPUB & MOBI files here, not fixed format PDFs.

There are links for all the essential information & software that you will need to be able to test your Ebook and make sure that it is working correctly before you put in front of your customers. All of the software links are to FREE applications that I have used and test on a Windows PC. I have not personally tested the Mac versions but if they work as well as the Wondows versions you should have no problems using them.

(The next part in this series will cover formatting and fixing your files in Microsoft Word.)

What are the most common problems with Ebook files?

  • Chapter titles, Headers, and…

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8 thoughts on “Making your own Ebooks, Part Five – What can you do with your word processor to make your Ebooks better

  1. I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday, Tess. Hugs. 🙂


  2. Great list, Tess. I’m going to hire someone. I’d rather be writing!


  3. I know that there’s oodles to do in creating an Ebook, but I did it three years ago. I do need to redo it because I left grammar and spelling errors in it. I just didn’t catch them. Now that I can check this sort of stuff with new free software found, I believe by you, Tess, I can make the small book better. Did you know that in Word and OpenOffice you can save your word as a PDF? The only thing I need to learn now is how to make that cover so it doesn’t look like it’s straight from Word or OpenOffice with the 1″ boarder to boot.


    • NO, I cannot take ANY credit. This is a re-blog, something I don’t do often except when I think some of my subscribers might need / want to know something. ❤ ❤

      I had no idea you'd published a book. Good on YOU. 🙂


  4. Overwhelming isn’t it Tess? Lol. Yes, I wear the hats but formatting is where it stops. I happily hired a formatter since my first book. 🙂