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Making Your Own Ebook – Part Nine – Making a fresh start


Part 9 Making your own Ebook

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Sometimes the only way to remove the formatting from an existing file is to make a fresh start by stripping out all existing formats, completely, and start the formatting again. But you want to do this in a way that does not disturb the text of the book and also is as fast as possible. In this post we will look at the detailed processes that you can use to do just that. The best approach is to read through the post completely then you will be in a position to decide which of the options will work best for YOUR book.

To make a “fresh” start you will want to mark all instances of formatting – Bold, Italics, Bold Italic, Headings of all kinds, indents, etc. so that when you transfer the plain text file back into Word you will be able to find all the instances…

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  1. These are great, Tess. I’m bookmarking each one for future use (say, a few months from now).


    • All you need to bookmark is the last one–there are a few more coming up. Each post has links to all the previous ones with each post. I want to sit down and process this properly but need quiet and nothing waiting for immediate attention. ^^’