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Formatting your own Ebook – Q & A with David Cronin


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We have now reached the end of this series that David posted on formatting and publishing your Ebook professionally. It is now time for the Q & A and if you have not read all the posts or specific ones of interest to you perhaps you might like to take the time this week  and then if you still have any questions make a note of them in the comment section.. David will then answer those here so that everyone who might have a similar query gets the answer too.

You should find most of what you need here but if not then you will find an email address at the end of the links. Thanks very much to those of you who have shared and commented on this series and glad that you found it interesting and helpful.

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  1. Thanks again for sharing this great series with us!


  2. Nice work, Sally & Tess. I hope your Monday was marvelous, and that your Tuesday will be terrific! Hugs.


  3. That is so much great information. I’m going to have questions in a few months. Thanks, Tess.