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China 12: Dog meat in brown sauce


Here’s another China journal back from the late eighties. I mentioned dog only once. Here is a longer commentary.

Writer's notebook

Copyright Elaine Canham, 2015 Copyright Elaine Canham, 2015

Continuing my 1985 diary of a trip to China

The bus next stopped at Huaquing Hot Springs, where we were offloaded for three hours. It was bitterly cold. We ate jaozis in a shack and had a look round the springs. People were queuing up for baths and the surroundings were beautiful – but cold. Every tea house was closed. We asked a woman outside a pagoda where we could rest or eat.

‘Mayo,’ she said. ‘Not have. All closed.’

We trailed off, and then Elspeth, who had looked through the windows of the pagoda, said: ‘There’s loads of settees in there. I bet they serve tea.’

‘Right,’ said Cheryl, so we went in and asked the woman for tea.

She looked at us in astonishment. ‘Oh, you want tea?’ She was amazed that we wanted tea, when we had said we had wanted two different…

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19 thoughts on “China 12: Dog meat in brown sauce

  1. I’m sorry darling I can’t read anything that has to do with eating dogs..brown sauce or not 😥

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  2. Thanks for the re-blog, Tess


  3. Great share Tess. It is brave indeed to find any Westerner brave enough to try local foods not the norm.

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    • She w.a.s. young and devil may care but she responded after the re-blog, she was glad she didn’t have to eat it after all and never ordered it anywhere again.

      On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 7:52 AM, How the Cookie Crumbles wrote:



  4. As someone who grew up with dogs and is now working with his 4th guide dog, Trigger I hate the idea of eating dog. I am, however a meat eater so find it difficult to criticise those who do eat our 4-legged friends. I guess, unless I become a vegetarian and can argue from a position of moral rectitude, that all I can do is argue for animals that are killed to be dispatched in as humane a way as possible. As I write this my dog is sleeping on his bed behind me! Kevin

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  5. Fur and Feathers alike… I get Kevin’s point of view. I’m not a vegetarian either. But it becomes an internal conflict when i hear about a species that i consider a family member.
    A digression — when i was in my “tweens” i had a little pink “Easter chick”… which grew into a fine white rooster. Well, roosters do tend to develop behavior issues, despite how amused i was was when he flogged the neighborhood bully… The rooster was sent to live with my Granny.
    I used to say hello to him each weekend when we visited for Sunday dinner. One day i didn’t see him, but thought he was off somewhere being a rooster.
    Halfway through a chicken and dressing dinner, the truth came out… Emphasis on half way through. :/
    Such is life.

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    • I know what you mean. We had rabbits one summer. Started with two and ended up with 22 in no time. I liked how soft they felt. I was young. About eight. One day we had a delicious mystery meat for supper. My mother and father exchanged looks. That was my first clue but it wouldn’t sink in. I had no idea my father raised rabbits for EATING!

      On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 8:20 AM, How the Cookie Crumbles wrote:



  6. I had no idea you’d already been there! Now I need a post about how it’s changed in 30 years.


  7. Perhaps if the dog, or whatever other meal people think is disgusting, but well cooked and well dressing and you DO NOT KNOW what it is, you could say it was tasty.


  8. Thanks for sharing this, Tess. I enjoyed reading of your friend’s adventure… Glad to know she didn’t eat dog, though! 🙂