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Farther Along the Viking Trail


A warning light flashed on the bus dashboard. We stopped at an Irving Station (gas /variety store / liquor store) for a break and Shaun, our driver, had the problem checked out. Almost anything is available at some of the larger gas stations. It was a treat to move around and flex stiff joints and muscles inside the store. Some of our group grabbed coffee and snacks. Others used the facilities.

We’d met Margaret and her husband, Jack, when we first arrived at the airport. She came towards me with a brown paper bag wrapped around a bottle. “Oh. I see,” I said.

“Water,” she said. I thought she was fooling around.

Later, she called out and caught up with us while we were boarding the bus.

“It’s not water,” she said. “I didn’t know. He said it was water and I believed him.

“Ha. I knew that!” She wasn’t kidding.

I laughed. I know a wine bottle when I see one.  She blushed.

We did a lot of driving today: long stretches of empty highway, lots of roadside trees and more drizzle. I felt we were going in circles.

Gros Morne National Park is a world heritage site. The land has risen two meters (rebounding of the land) where the Vikings (now called Norsemen) landed. Temperature 1,000 years ago was five degrees warmer. The scenery is spell-binding. We didn’t get off the bus here. The following video gives you an overview of this wonder.

Credit:  The Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

 Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism


More about Moose:

  • 1904 Four moose released from New Brunswick (not native to Newfoundland)
  • This is the heaviest concentration of moose in the world
  • Moose love balsam, birch and fir
  • Haven for 5,000 moose in Gros Morne National Park
  • (check this out)
  • Full grown moose ( about 12-1,400 pounds) can eat 50 – 60 pounds of young trees per day
  • One area fenced off at Gros Morne to protect the trees / outside of fence, trees naked
  • 500 moose allowed to be removed / hunted: a controlled hunt
  • Woodland caribou are native to this area
  • Native predators are insects brought in by international shipping
  • John’s and 100 km. zone = 23 accidents in August 2015 even before month ended

On the lighter side:

In Saskatoon, a boxcar came loose and a guy brought home a wheel barrel full of salt cod, but he didn’t know what to do with it. It was hard, you see. So, he shingled a shed roof. It leaked a little, but lasted about two years.

Cod Quick Facts:

  • Cod is king
  • Cod Fishery starting to renew after more than 20 years
  • 3-week recreational fishing allowed now (fish coming back)
  • Sent salt cod to the Prairies in the 1930s
  • Used to ship salt cod with liquor run (Someone released the wrong car. only whiskey; no cod)
No credit required, but found at

No credit required. Found at

Newfoundland Quick Facts:

  • NFL lumber can be shipped to the US
  • Most of the lumber cut here, therefore tariffs less than in British Columbia
  • Considered private
  • Logging mill keeps nine days supply
  • Burn the sawdust to provide electricity
  • Dairy farming big business
  • Used to be sheep but coyotes can decimate them
  • Put a donkey or a llama with the sheep and coyotes don’t come near

The Lighter Side:

A conductor told a pregnant woman on the Newfie Bullet she shouldn’t have got on due to her condition. She told him when she got on the train she wasn’t pregnant.

* * *

Tentatively on November 6th – Continuing along the Viking Trail

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  1. Enjoyed the video,, nice touch…


  2. What beautiful images of Gros Morne National Park.
    But I have to know… Did Margaret share that wine? 😀
    I’ve done NaNoWriMo for three straight years. I felt like I would always do it. But not this year. It’s a very intense thing, especially for someone like me who feels compelled to follow the rules.
    Wishing you a wonder-filled weekend, Tess. Mega hugs


  3. The more you post about this, the more I want to see!

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  4. The video is stunning Tess. Oh yes another spot one must visit. Thank you for lighting a fire under me for this east coast destination.


  5. Darn – I nearly went to Labrador a few years back, but didn’t. But I got there on your posting thanks.


  6. So did you end up seeing a moose?

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  7. A quick retort from the woman on the Newfie Express.
    xxx Huge Hugs Tess xxx


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  14. Thanks for introducing me to other parts of our fascinating country Tess. The video was beautiful, and the scenery, WOW! xo 🙂


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    I’ve been following “Let’s Cut the Crap” for quite some time now and enjoy her refreshing attitude toward life. She recently took a tour of Newfoundland, a place I want to visit sooner rather than later. This post tells a bit about that trip but the part I like best is near the end where she includes Quick Facts about Newfoundland and moose and cod with a bit about Saskatchewan, Canada, thrown in for good measure. (If you don’t know where Saskatchewan is, you’ll have to look it up on a map; I promise it won’t hurt.) I hope you all enjoy my Sunday Reblog!


  16. That video was stunning! Makes me wish my body weren’t so damaged. Sooo, you would know a bottle of wine, even in a brown paper bag? Shameful 😉

    Love your facts and humor Tess, love virtual travel with you.


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    That place is gorgeous. Why didn’t they stop there?


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  20. Gosh I miss open space. I love city life, but your photos remind how lovely blue skies and landscape can be.


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  25. Thanks for sharing! And love the facts. It’s on my list already…:)


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  27. Hey Tess — enjoyed seeing you at Sally’s Christmas Grotto. Great big hug! ❤


    • Hi Teagan:

      Just arrived at my emails. Thanks for the heads up. Been buried in paper and extra curricular activities. Nice to hear from you.

      Right now can’t keep up with WP. I have come snooping once or twice this month but haven’t had much time to visit. 💞

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  28. Mmmm – cod. So difficult to get in the US, with the ban on cod set for the northeast fisherman. Cod was a staple in my parents’ house when I was growing up because it was cheap. One of my favorite dishes is finnan haddie. Mom made it with smoked cod bu it’s commonly made with smoked haddock.