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More Brigus and Petty Harbour


The weather had become humid and heavy with rain since before lunch.

Francis said we were on our own for supper, but I recalled the plans had been changed because we wouldn’t see whales and puffins per our itinerary. This last, added tour was too late in the season. An e-mail notice had mentioned we’d be treated to dinner instead. I asked Mary to dig up the email on her iPad. As we read it, Francis retracted his announcement. Another free meal. Yay.

Before we leave the little town of Brigus, I have a couple more interesting tidbits. We walked down the road to Brigus Tunnel. Granddaddy Abram Bartlett (to Captain Bob) had this tunnel built to avoid a busy, crowded harbor. This accommodated his trips to Labrador for summer fishing and to offload his catch without crowding when he returned.



Once we walked through the tunnel, this is what awaited where Abram unloaded his ship.:


On our way back to the bus, we came upon these yellow flowers. According to Norm, a member of our party, they are from the snapdragon family: called butter and eggs. The more I looked at them, the more the name fit.


Once on the bus, Francis popped in a DVD about the resettlement from Paradise Bay. The government at work again. Sigh.

Return to Paradise for the Pomeroy Family:

Petty Harbour:

I took a gazillion photos. It’s a small world as they say. We met some people from Sarnia vacationing in Petty Harbour in a house off the harbor. Two couples in our group were also from the same city and soon all ended up chatting together.

It’s a pretty place, but we didn’t see any fish arriving nor fisherman unloading them.

Storage containers each hold 2,000 pounds of cod.They are about a yard square and so well insulated, our guide bought an old one, cut a door in it, put on a peaked roof, and his dog is comfy all winter.


Petty Harbour Quick Facts:

  • Images of Petty Harbour
  • Gordon Pinsent made many movies here
  • Orca the Killer Whale movie made here
  • Alan Doyle (singer, actor) was in movie in his hometown Petty Harbour
  • Houses along Petty Harbour Road are more upscale, modern, vinyl-covered
  • Few houses in wood
  • Ziplining: See here and here popular (off the cliffs, Petty Harbour Road)
  • Fastest growing area
  • Building a city within a city: Costco, huge theatre
  • Areas set aside for seniors’ centers and industrial areas
  • All dairy farms around here
  • Grow cattle corn because too expensive to bring in feed
  • No railway to supplement the hay
  • Sign on the way to St. John’s: Irish Loop Drive (because it reminded them of home)
  • Reminds you why the Irish settled on the coast = looked so much like home)
  • ABC = Anyone but Conservatives (last ruling government)

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* * *

On the Lighter Side:

Mary felt her husband’s hands wander over her body. “Oh, John. I didn’t know you were feeling so romantic.”

“Go to sleep, Mary. I was looking for the remote.”

* * *

Next time: Cape Spear and Signal Hill

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48 thoughts on “More Brigus and Petty Harbour

  1. LOL, cute joke, Tess. And fun about the tunnel. It’s such magnificent country. Thanks for taking us with you. Mega hugs


  2. Loved the harbor shots – made me want to sail! The butter and egg flowers look a lot like some yellow snap dragons I used to grow in California.


    • I don’t know what I expected, but was surprised the water was so calm. It had turned humid earlier and felt like rain.
      So many pretty places in Newfoundland. So much more laid back than at home in the city. 🙂


  3. Lovely and I have seen these wild snapdragons before. They are hard to photograph.


  4. Lovely, and I love snapdragons. They are great in a garden.


  5. I am loving this trip. We call those flowers butter and eggs too. I was hoping you’d tell us about your free meal!


  6. Love the harbor shots. So inviting. 🙂


    • Everywhere we traveled, the views were wonderful, like we were in a movie or something. Everything and everyone so laid back and fresh. I’ve a soft spot for this place. It’s not unlike Northern Ontario where we lived when I was a kid. No pollution. Clean air. Sigh.


  7. What a pretty place Tess 🙂 But whales and puffins were on the itinerary but no attempt was made to even try to see them?


    • They were on the itinerary but we were too late in the season. Our tour was an add-on after the ‘season’ because there were so many people on the waiting list. The same reason we didn’t get a promised lobster dinner. Someone should have changed the itinerary… 😀


  8. Oh, what a shame about the whales and puffins. I enjoyed the photos very much, Tess 🙂 ❤


    • Thank you, Cathy. Ours was an added tour tacked on to the end of the season. No-one thought to change the itinerary for 31 people. The whales and puffins had already moved on. We also missed a lobster dinner because the season for the was also over.
      Tickled you enjoyed the photos, my way of preserving my memories of this trip. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Looks like someone had a braking problem in that first picture or is that what they do fur fun in Brigus.
    What happened to the Whales and Puffins?


  10. I love the shots of Petty Harbour. I have been a big fan of Gorden Pinsent for a long time. Great joke! I hope your free meal was good. My problem with the meals provided by a tour is that they aren’t always what I like. I would prefer to find a little place on my own. Unless on a cruise, then there is always enough choice for me to be happy! (I am a bit of a picky eater)


  11. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Just driven 70k to log onto my computer so that I don’t miss Tess’s Newfoundland travel programme.. so interesting.. you only have to click a button to read her wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Love the harbour photos – quite similar to parts of Scotland though with different architecture. Shame about the whales and puffins.
    Enjoyed the joke! 🙂


    • The jokes were always too hilarious. Had us all in stitches. Glad you enjoyed the joke.
      The season for touring was over. We were a long list of people waiting so they tacked on another tour. No-one thought to change the itineraries, I guess. The puffins, whales and lobsters were gone for the season.


  13. I love these posts, Tess. Checked out the Ziplining. We call it zipwiring and I’ve done it a couple odf times near Snowden in North Wales. Difference is, you lie on your front and look down that way. Fantastic!.Jx


    • This was the first time I’d heard this term: ziplining and noway would I attempt it frontwards OR backwards. You’re a braver woman than me. 😀 😀 The two guys can’t count their money fast enough according to how popular it has become. 🙂
      Thank you for reading, Judith. I’m tickled you’re enjoying the trip with me.


  14. “On the Lighter Side” gave me a giggle, especially since it flips expectations on men and their “endless” libido. 😉 The harbor looks beautiful, and such cool history tidbits! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Ha ha. Newfoundlanders seem to thrive on jokes. They’re always more than you expect.
      I have a soft spot for this place after this one visit. Gorgeous countryside, the Atlantic and fantastic people. And the air, so clean. 🙂
      Thanks so much for coming along.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. So nice that you get to travel so much! That’s the life. 🙂


  16. Beautiful country. Great photos! 🙂


  17. Absolutely love the scenery, beautiful. Wonderful photos too.


    • I have a soft spot for this place. I believe the tour guide has a lot to do with it as well. He says, “You talk to a Newfoundlander for five minutes and you’re friends for life.” There’s something in that saying.
      Glad you like the photo. I’m getting better at taking more and not forgetting to click. Some pictures I remember taking but they didn’t show up on my iPad. Sheesh. 😀


  18. Beautiful photos, Tess! It resembles the rocky shores of the island in Norway where my sister is right now. What a great trip! And thanks for the closing laugh–you sure got me with that one.


    • Stark and rocky shorelines and lots of open country. The air is clear and unpolluted. Only the smell of fishy water overpowers your senses. I loved every minute.
      I thank our fabulous tour guide, Francis, for the jokes. He had a bushel full of them. 😀
      Thanks regarding the pictures. I’m not into photography but had to remember to click enough times to preserve these memories. 🙂


  19. Good joke and very pretty indeed. Yes, it does remind me of the little bit of Ireland I’ve visited. And yeah! for the free meal!


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