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So This is Christmas 2016


The gifts of generosity and kindness abound in my blogosphere. A sincere thank you to each and every one who has read, commented, and supported me in any way during 2016. I appreciate the camaraderie and friendships I have found here.

We are a community of novice and professional writers, crafters, poets, and artists. Each group shares or gleans information on writing, poetry, crafting, cooking. For this, I am grateful and have learned much.  Discussions about resistance to rampaging or inconsiderate technology (cough) are also shared and lambasted learned through the year.


I wish you a Christmas of joy, peace, and fellowship, which I pray someday finally takes hold. We have hope. May the New Year 2017 continue in good cheer, friendship, and tolerance.

I give you this offering, pulled from the archives (a 1996 company newsletter I’d been volunteered to edit for almost five years). Judy Martin posted a poem earlier this week by the same name. I had already scheduled this and decided to tough it out and post anyway. (Be kind. I’m no poet.)

~ * ~

T’was the night before Christmas and a-l-l through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even the m-o-u-s-e;

www-http-368146_960_720-pixabyThe hardware was hot and needed a rest;

The wires were near flaming from the fast-tracking quest.

If one more finger teased that p-o-o-r little mouse,

The uproar would doubtless have awakened my spouse!

I was resting and spent from my ceaseless drooling

Over menus of the best buys ever, no fooling.

My eyes black and bloodshot hung to my knees,

But I’d finished my shopping and wow was I pleased.

Something gourmet for grandpa, flowers for Jean,

Pulled off with a mouse, a credit card, and a scheme.


The malls were open all day and all night,

So I shopped when I could ‘cause my schedule is tight but

Tomorrow and next year, when Christmas returns,

Will I be shopping in town or in Internet world?

Where will your presents be purchased with care?

Will it be Larry’s or Cherie’s, or from your own chair?

Will you shop the last minute fighting the crowds,

Or choose from the malls warehoused in the clouds?

Pretty soon instead of by the chimney with care,

We won’t hear from Saint Nick but Paypal and email.

No matter how Christmas and Saint Nick visit,

Tolerate no child around you to miss it.



I’ll be here infrequently as time allows until the Next Post January 6th – Are We there Yet?

©Tess @ How the Cookie Crumbles


Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

82 thoughts on “So This is Christmas 2016

  1. Tess, I love this! Very cleve and fun to read! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! 🎄 Christine


  2. Tess, this is a delightful Christmas greeting. Thank you so much for this post and for everything you do throughout the year. Mega holiday hugs!


  3. This was great, Tess. Made me laugh the whole way through. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Have a swell time away from the blog.


  4. Too cute. Holiday Greetings to you and yours.


  5. Great post Tess I love it!??💜💜💜💞💗💛💙🤗


  6. Merry Christmas…


  7. Praying with you that joy, peace and fellowship takes hold. Your poem made me smile = I like it a lot. Enjoy the holidays. ❤ 🙂


  8. Thank you for the lovely Christmas wishes and the clever poem. It was great connecting with you this year and I look forward to reading your blog in 2017 as well. Thanks for following me and leaving comments.


  9. “Wishing You the Best of What This Christmas Can Bring You,
    Have A Joyous, Peaceful & Love-Filled Christmas!”

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you for this post Tess and for all your kindnesses throughout the year. As 2016 draws to a close I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of Hopes and Dreams come True.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


  11. thank you for everything tess, and this was so fun. see you next year !


  12. Tess thank you for this, and mostly for your support. Enjoy your holidays etc and may they bring you all that you wish it. I love the song ,, by the way.


  13. Nice post Tess, I enjoyed it. Pleased to see that you say ‘Merry Christmas’ and not that awful ‘Happy Holidays”!


  14. Merry Christmas, Tess. Nearly there 😉 x


  15. Lovely post and I agree about that community of bloggers out there. Still a relative novice but support of others has been great. Enjoy the Christmas/new year break


  16. Love this! Merry Christmas Tess – thank you for all your smiles 🙋🏼


  17. Dear Tess, I’m so glad you’re part of my blogging world, have a wonderful Christmas my friend ❤


  18. Lovely post, Tess. I have enjoyed and relived your travel memories alongside my own to Canada. Thank you for always checking my posts in one way or another. Thank you for all your comments and support. I hope you enjoy your Christmas break. See you in 2017. (good grief so far into the 21st century – how did I get this old!!) Much love. Judithx


    • Thank YOU. That goes both ways, Judith. Thank you for your support as well. Time flies when life is good.
      I wonder the same thing. I still remember the 1960s like they were last week. How did it get to be 2016/17 already? 😀


  19. ❤ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Tess! ❤


  20. What a wonderful gift, as I sit here, enjoying my Christmas Eve, wanting to soak up all the good will that abounds. Thanks, Tess!


  21. May your Christmas cookies never crumble (too much)! Merry Christmas!


  22. Merry Christmas and thanks for being a friend in the blogging world. All the best for 2017!!


  23. Merry Christmas my always intriguing and beautiful friend!


  24. Gorgeous! Have a lovely time! And hope to read about it, perhaps? To much more fun on 2017!


  25. A gracious and lovely post. Merry Christmas, Tess. 🎄


  26. Fantastic poem Tess, I don’t think you missed out many options to shop, lol. I personally enjoy shopping from my couch than fighting the malls and that worked out just fine for me this year. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and in case I don’t see you around (buy I’m thinking I will, lol) wishing you too a very Happy New Year. ❤


    • Thanks so much, Debby. I wish I had some of your energy. You’re everywhere like Sally. I’ll have whatever you guys are on.
      Bless you for your visits and kind comments since we crossed patsh. Wish you a book-happy prosperous 2017. ❤ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aw, thanks Tess. And lol, I had to laugh – ‘you’ll have what we’re on’ hilarious! Catch me if you can! LOL. Wishing you the same my friend. ❤ xo


  27. merry merry Christmas and here’s to a calm and sensible new year (yeah, right!)


  28. The poem is adorable, Tess! Wishing you a lovely holidays. I adore your friendship too ❤


  29. Very fun post Tess. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year my friend!


  30. Fabulous, Tess! Don’t know how I missed this. Wishing you a peaceful and very happy 2017 🙂 ❤


  31. Great fun reading this poem, Tess – just shows that some things age well and should be savored every year.


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