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North to Alaska: Bye-bye Vancouver


I took one last look around before we left the Lookout Tower. So much to see here. Magnificent Mount Seymour hovers over the city, regal and imposing.

On a clear day, Mount Baker exchanges salutations with Seymour though miles and miles away.

Vancouver is widely known for Chinatown, its history, food, and people.

I love Granville Island Public Market open seven days a week.  The food markets and smells, the custom crafts, artsy shops, and live music make it a fun destination on shopping day, or any day, I haven’t been there for years but it’s a definite must-visit destination while in Vancouver.

Time to kill before Jean picked us up at the Lookout, Mary and I took our time and browsed some of the shops. Even she wasn’t tempted to shop seriously. We did have the upcoming cruise and who knew what temptations might overpower our good intentions.

Spotting a jewelry store, Mary beelined toward it. I picked up my pace to catch up. She had questions about precious stones. Our timing couldn’t have been better. No customers clambering for his attention, she had the jeweler’s full attention. The impression we were a welcome distraction on this slow business morning was unmistakable. We were impressed with his in-depth and animated answers, but he soon began name-dropping: whom he skied with, sold to and with whom he’d rubbed elbows. Mary had her information and the jeweler had been entertained out of his stupor, it was time to skedaddle. Now we were bored. Time had slipped away; it was time to leave to meet Jean.

She had gone around the huge block a couple of times and had to park almost a block away. We waited on the appointed corner. She saw us and honked but we did not see her. Finally, she ran up the street to get us and we headed to the harbor, luggage already in the car trunk. Traffic slow and congested, time for boarding loomed.

No sooner had we arrived at the Port of Vancouver, our bags were tagged and carted. Port personnel indicated our way toward the building for processing. I could not believe the mindboggling long lines. One line for this ship, another for that one. Though we were nervous about getting into the wrong line, agents were plentiful and pleasant, the process was clear and well manned. Finally, inside the building, an employee directed us toward the next available seat in order of entry. The first people seated got up and approached the bank of clerks with passports and boarding information in hand. The lines moved quickly. Green cards were given to Canadian and U.S. visitors. The majority of visitors did not have them so we worried what they were for. Did they have anything to do with the two bottles of wine I had in my luggage? Allowed only one each, I had two stashed in my bag since Mary had no room for even a Kleenex in hers.

Asking a directing agent what they were, she said, “You are pre-approved.” No other explanation. We moseyed along as directed.

“Approved for what?” Mary and I eyeballed each other, following a smattering of visitors. Where had the processed masses gone? We had no time to wonder as we exited the building and gaped at the huge floating hotel we were about to board.

~ * ~

Next on March 16th – North to Alaska: All Aboard!

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25 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Bye-bye Vancouver

  1. I love your trips.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. I would love to visit BC. Don’t know why I haven’t.


  3. Vancouver is stunning and yes the market is a delight isn’t it? Those cruise ships are freaks really. How do they stay afloat? I guess they must or you wouldn’t be writing this.


  4. An amazing place, Tess. Thanks for letting us go with you. Hugs

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    One of my other destinations at the weekend is to join Tess Karlinski for a cup of coffee and her latest traveling escapade. In her latest series, Tess is sharing her trip to Alaska and the stops along the way. This week some window shopping before joining the cruise liner that will take Tess northwards. Always a delight to read and as a sidenote.. Tess is so detailed in her posts that it saves you thousands in fares and hotel accommodations.. I have no need to visit China now for example. However, I have always wanted to go to British Columbia and Alaska.. lead the way Tess.

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  6. Wow. What a boat. Thanks, Tess.


  7. I absolutely loved Vancouver, Tess. Did you get to take a walk on the world’s longest wooden suspension bridge? We went to Alaska with my kids – lots of excitement. But we missed Chinatown – next time. The fruit was incredible though; we had a raspberry pie to die for, filled with fresh raspberries!

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    • Yes, I did walk the suspension bridge and I’m terrified of heights but felt hugely proud because even grown men changed their minds and turned back. There was NO wine involved. 😀 😀
      My sister flew to Vancouver at sixteen to visit a close girlfriend and 46 years later, she’s still there.

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  8. “You are pre-approved.” Whew! So glad you didn’t have to forfeit a bottle of wine, Tess 🙂 ❤


    • Haha. You are so right, Tina. The wine traveled safe, in one piece, and was not confiscated. Still don’t know what took so long for my luggage. 😀 😀
      Pre-approval was only for the U.S. and Canadian travelers. All other countries had to were not.

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  9. Canada looks so beautiful and I love the way you bring it alive, Tess. 🙂


  10. Hi Tess,
    I love seeing my MB logo here in your sidebar. Thank you for the link and the exposure!
    By the way, I’m going to Alaska for the ninth time this summer! A great family vacation without airfare from my home in California.
    Thanks again.


  11. Very nice photos. I’ve never been on a cruise but I’m enjoying reading about your escapades. “The world’s longest wooden suspension bridge?” This, I’ve got to Google. Always been fascinated with bridges but terrified to be on them and what worse is living int he “city of bridges” (Pittsburgh). Safe travels.