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North to Alaska: All Aboard


My heart dancing the Watusi, I took in nothing of my surrounding as we boarded the cruise ship, MS Volendam. We were already in the system as it was mandatory to complete an online registration no less than a week prior and up to 50 days before departure. Doing so also opened an onboard account to which all extras (drinks, purchases, internet etc.) excluded from the cruise price were billed to our (registered) credit card.

From the time we arrived at the port, continued through processing, and arrived in our stateroom, an hour and a half had passed. I’ve no recollection how we found our cabin. Our ocean-view room troubled us due to noisy people passing by and conversing on the deck outside the window. Mary closed the drapes as we thought they could look inside but as it turned out, they could not. Feeling exposed, we kept them closed throughout the cruise.

Mary’s bag arrived at 1:47 about 17 minutes after arriving in our room. I asked our stateroom attendant, Dan, “Where the heck is mine?”

“Maybe tomorrow,” Dan said, “if not today.” He was a reedy Pilipino in a signature Volendam jacket, mischief in his eyes, crooked teeth center stage. He had a bit of an accent but his English was excellent as was his partner’s, James.

We cut expenses where we could

We decided to explore and ended up on the lido deck for a snack. Upon our return, my luggage still had not arrived. We asked the young attendant outside our door what might be taking so long.

“Maybe they found liquor inside.”

What? The cruise line allowed one bottle of wine per passenger (only wine) with a warning of confiscation if more. Just my luck. I prepared for such a drama.

An announcement over the PA system suggested attendance to a Safety Meeting. A couple we met on the lido deck said we sign in with our room key. If our information isn’t registered at the meeting, they come to get you. Some suggestion. We moseyed to Station 8 Muster Station for the presentation shy of 4:00 p.m. Large groups gathered at various stations we could see all along the length of the ship. I worried about so many people on one side at once. The day was dull and dry but it was chilly and I wanted the meeting to finish.

People in large groups act like children. They act as if rules do not apply to them. Some kept talking during the demonstration and we couldn’t hear the woman speaker. “Be quiet!” The talkers were warned, not once but twice, before they zipped their lips.

We returned to our room afterward and I could not believe my bag had finally arrived. The lock had not been broken; I checked inside. Both bottles hid in the folds of clothes in their bubble wrap cocoons, dry and in one piece.

Around 5:00 o’clock, a gentle murmur underfoot—a light vibration no more than a whisper—signaled we were underway. Mary and I watched from inside the eighth-floor deck as the ship skimmed over the shimmering, glass-smooth water, soundless as a ghost ship. We eased toward the underside of the Lions Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean, barely disturbing the surface.

We sliced through the water barely disturbing the surface, shown bottom left of photo

~ * ~

Next on March 23rd – North to Alaska: Chit-chatting Passengers

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16 thoughts on “North to Alaska: All Aboard

  1. I am excited for you. I did this trip twice and loved it both times. Your room looks very nice. Great picture of Lions Gate Bridge.

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  2. I’m following this one carefully as my sister and I hope to do an Alaskan cruise sometime in the next few years.


  3. Excellent, Tess. Loved the photo of the bridge.


  4. You’re such a rebel Tess! 2 bottles in your luggage 😂


  5. Oh how fun. There is something about sailing on a huge ship, isn’t there?


  6. It’s always a nerve-wracking few hours while we wait for our luggage to be delivered outside our stateroom, isn’t it? I always worry mine will be the one left back on the pier. 😄


  7. Two bottles, you rebel. I loveit


  8. Traveling with you is always an adventure, Tess. I’m looking forward to the next step of this one. Happy St. Patrick’s Day hugs! ☘️


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    It is that time of the week when I join Tess Karlinski on her latest adventure.. Tess and her friend Mary eventually get to their ocean room cabin.. looks very nice and await luggage and some important items it contained.. let’s hope it is calm seas ahead….#recommended


  10. I am glad you managed to get away with your contraband, Tess. 🙂


  11. My goodness, I also would have been concerned about people seeing into my room, especially with the light on. But the view must have been incredible. I have never been on a cruise (and may never be on one), so I’m really enjoying this vicarious excursion, Tess ❤


  12. Another journey away from your Canadian home, marvelous!. I wish I could go on a cruise but I get motion-sick. Yes, Dramamine works for me but I’m not sure if it would last long enough for a cruise.

    It’s great to see you back among us. 🙂


  13. You seem to have mixed feelings at this point, looking forward to next week 🙂


  14. This is one of my dream trips (I hope I’ll take it yet at some point) so I’m taking notes…! Thanks, Tess!