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North to Alaska: Chit-chatting Passengers


Soon lazy navy water replaced buildings and civilization in exchange for distant snow-capped mountains and tiny islands. Did I mention deep water?

 In the excitement and knuckle-biting of the day, I had forgotten about food, but it was 5:30 p.m.  I had worked up an appetite. Mary insisted we return to our room to change for dinner. Mouth-watering aromas of food drifted around us. I drooled as we passed a buffet (manned with servers) down to our stateroom. We needed our credit cards out of the safe, anyway, for a celebratory toast to the beginning of our new adventure.

I chose the prime rib for dinner (yum—so-o tender), adding twice-baked potatoes and chopped bok choy, just enough to satisfy my hunger, vowing not to overeat on this cruise. We shall see. Dessert is never on my radar, so no added calories there.

After dinner, we sashayed to a bar passed earlier for a glass of wine. The line of customers seemed endless. When my turn came, I ordered only one glass because the Cabernet on offer was expensive and only four stingy ounces. This was day one after all. The nimble-fingered bartender mixed and poured drinks and wine and served beer without breaking a sweat. He was from the Philippines and worked every day, ten months of the year. The remaining two months, he spent back in his country. I forget how long he had worked on cruise ships. Years, of that I am certain. Though he had an accent, his English was excellent.

We grabbed a bistro-type table with four empty chairs overlooking the water. A woman with a distinct accent asked for one of the extras. Soon we struck up a conversation with her and her husband. She said the Alaska cruise had been on her wish list for a long time and was a popular destination for Australians. I had a private giggle as half her country people were already on our ship. Glenda was about my age with a cap of silver hair, a sparkle in her blue eyes, and an unlined face. She was as chirpy as her appearance was youthful. And she loved to talk. Her husband, Max, reminded me of Lyndon B. Johnson—remember that president? Max was her opposite, quiet and pensive but engaging when the subject interested him.

Within minutes, another couple they had just met on the ship joined us. They treated each other like long lost friends who had known each other forever. Our talk included Canadian Healthcare versus the U.S. system. We learned Australian healthcare is similar to ours (Canadian). We also talked about unions, work, and workers. Mary and I talked up the men, but Glenda and the other man’s wife took a step back, talked between themselves, and did not engage in our conversation. I’ve had previous discussions with a group of husbands and wives where the women faded into the background. Why is that? I cannot recall if I acted the same during my long-ago married life.

Tummys happy and close to 8:00 p.m., Mary and I decided to take it easy for the rest of the evening. Nothing much on TV, we read and managed to stay up late (11:40 p.m.). Relaxed as a nodding kitten, I’m sure I snored before my head hit the pillow. The ship gets no kudos for rocking me to sleep. The credit is all mine—I think.

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35 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Chit-chatting Passengers

  1. Lucky you not to be tempted by desserts!

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  2. You two seem like great traveling companions. How fun.

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  3. Super start of the trip Tess. I can’t answer the question about wives fading into their own discussion. I’m not wife and mine doesn’t do it. I do know what you mean though.

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  4. Jeez, Tess, I’d have finished that wine in one swallow! Luckily, you have a couple of bottles stashed away 🙂 ❤

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    • Haha. I know what you mean but this was only Day 1. Both bottles weren’t mine. I transported my sister’s bottle because her bag was so packed I thought it’d explode–no room for even a paperclip. 😀 😀 😀 Wonderful to see you. Thanks so much for the visit. I know I haven’t been present so I do appreciate your taking the time to visit and comment. ❤

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  5. Though I’ve never taken a cruise, I’ve been to Alaska twice and loved it. I hope you make it up to Denali, so beautiful.

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Gwen. I hope you come back to read as I don’t want to give away anything before it’s time. I can tell you one thing, we did not make it up to Denali. Sigh. 🙂


  6. It’s a but naughty charging so much for wine, but they have a captive audience don’t they?

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    • Naughty and then some, Gilly. The wine was so chintzy, we broke down and had a second glass before going to our room. It was celebratory after all. Right? 😀 😀 Good to see you. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.


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    On Saturdays I go cruising.. I will rephrase that.. I join Tess Karlinski on her most recent travel adventure.. on a cruise to Alaska.. It is the first night and after a foodless day it is time to hit the dining-room.. have a glass of wine and compare health systems… back up to the wine and head over and take it from there…..#recommended

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  8. I would have been the same, just having a single glass of wine if it was expensive 😉 I wouldn’t be fading into the background as those wives did.. nope!

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  9. Tess – such great adventure and journey – enjoy your moment and the journey!!

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  10. I enjoyed the first day of your cruise so much, that I want, no need, to go on another one!


  11. i hope I don’t speak over my wife, but… I am the talkative one but there’s nothing better than her holding forth on something she is passionate about – me, for instance… I’d love to ‘do’ Alaska some day. One of many places I fear I might never get to.

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  12. The Candian healthcare system is better than the US one. It has been for a few decades now.