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North to Alaska: Snooping Around


We arrived late for lunch with no idea the buffet would be closing soon. No one blocking the food, I managed to take these pictures of various stations.

The buffet servers work eight months on the ship and return home for the remaining four.

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A boom-boom disturbance overhead disrupted after lunch coffee. No other patrons seemed worried or appeared to pay attention. A couple noticed my bewilderment and the man explained there was a basketball court overhead.

“You’re not pulling my leg?” Mary asked.

“I’ll bet my lunch that’s the sound of a bouncing basketball.”

Mary giggled. “You’ve no lunch to bet.”

The sun struggled to brighten the day but dark clouds had other ideas, thrusting it into the background. Huddled in our jacket collars, we jogged a couple laps around the promenade deck after lunch—three and a half laps = 1 mile. A biting wind forced us back inside. Had the weather cooperated, we would have logged a few miles more. We passed a few pairs of walkers, a meditating woman on a blanket (b-r-r), and another one practicing yoga. Three men in white overalls painted the outside deck walls. Phew. I gagged on the fumes, though we were outside. I wondered why none wore masks against the toxic vapors. Seems Health and Safety rules do not apply to painting with nautical paint. Or is this a non-issue since all the workers are from poor countries and nobody cares? Shame. Shame.

I had my heart set on a generous feed of fish and shrimp, but we were late arriving. The buffet had run out. More arrived after we’d finished a fish dinner and Mary scooped up a half dozen to share. I’ve only had shrimp that huge once when I purchased them for a New Year’s Eve dinner party years ago. Thank goodness, I hadn’t invited the neighborhood.

Tummies happy, we searched for advertised entertainment. The Hudson room offered a piano/violin duo and inviting deep chairs but the music didn’t suit our mood—too sedate.

Next, we discovered the duty-free store. A female employee in the jewelry area talked us into sticking around for a free draw in ten minutes. She tore off matching tickets: one for each of us and the twin for the bin. We figured with only a half-dozen participants, we had an excellent chance of winning something. Soon the employee hooked 50 or 60 male and female shoppers and those waiting for the piano bar to open. Ten minutes turned into a half-hour.

What a setup. The person with the winning number had 30 seconds to open as many boxes as they could manage in an effort to extract one containing a jewelry surprise. Soon, a couple of the ‘winners’ asked if there were indeed prizes as the first handful were not lucky. The employee threw the empty boxes back in the bin to encourage deeper digging. What felt like hours later, we left empty-handed and yawning. Six happy winners dispersed to the bar. The lounge singer behind a ¾ wall crooned for some time to clinking glasses and the murmur and hum of energetic conversation.

It had been a long day fighting bitter winds, moody clouds, and noxious paint fumes. The first full day surrounded by nothing but water and food drew to a close. I wished for my pillow to hasten our time of arrival in Juneau the following day.

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26 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Snooping Around

  1. A piano-violin duet–sounds glorious! Sigh. Love your trips, Tess.


    • It was lovely but I sank into the chair and become so relaxed, I almost fell asleep. Why? I haven’t been working hard. Because of the ocean air? Late night? Nah. We decided to move around to get the blood moving. ;-D 😀 🙂


  2. Your trip is off to a challenging start, Tess, but you’d never know it by that lovely picture of you above. At least you had the jumbo shrimp to munch on, thanks to quick-on-the-draw Mary 🙂 ❤


  3. YOU look amazing! I hope the rest is leading up to a stunning adventure of Alaska views and experiences.


    • You say the nicest things, Colleen. Thank you for you kind words though I spewed my coffee as I read it. Moi? Oo-hh my.
      There are some ups and downs on this trip figuratively and literally. I have the giggles now cause I can’t tell you right now. 🙂 ❤


  4. Are you one of those women who always look glamourous Tess?


  5. I need a job on one of those cruise ships.?


    • Not sure the long hours without even a minute to stop and breath will be worth the effort of getting that job. Early morning or late at night I saw the same people slaving away. Maybe their shifts changed here but it sure seemed they were always at it. 😀 😀 😀


  6. Enjoyed this day. Tess. Seemed pretty restful.


  7. You look fabulous! What fun. I always eat too much on cruises.


    • Hi Darlene: Thank YOU. I just washed my face and combed my hair for a change. After all, I was cruising. 😀 😀
      I ate too much at first too but then decided it wasn’t worth buying new clothes because the ones I brought didn’t fit. Haha. And paying in American dollars for them. Yikes.


  8. Too bad about the buffet. It looks like it was a good one.


  9. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    My second travel experience each weekend is in the company of Tess Karlinski in whatever adventure she is writing about at the time.. This week she is settling down to day 1 on her cruise to Alaska…buffet and giant prawns, duty free lucky dip and some cultural distractions. Always great fun to tag along after Tess.. and she does have some duty free wine left…..


  10. You look marvelous dahlink! 🙂 xx

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