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North to Alaska: Shopping, Saloons, and Beer


The open door of a large bar and grill is all Mary needed to take as an invitation to come inside for a sit and a tall one. A handful of thirsty patrons at scattered tables and at the bar looked up as we strolled in from the bright outdoors. Bottled domestic beer went for a reasonable $4.50 a bottle USD, whereas, draft sold for $6.00. We chose Denali Gold draft and sat at the bar. Mary sweet-talked the genial, young bartender into a glass of mixed nuts for munching. A handful more thirsty tourists wandered into the darkened interior. I hadn’t brought American dollars this trip, except for a credit card and wasn’t about to charge one glass. Thank goodness, Mary was flush with cash.

Rehydrated, we drifted into an interesting dress shop, or Mary did and I followed, but thank goodness, neither of us got caught up in trying on all the pretty clothes. American fashion is so much more attractive than what we’ve seen in Canada for years. We meandered from one store to another till we ended up in The Shirt Company where—true confession, don’t tell anyone—I weakened and picked up a couple shirts, postcards, socks, and Alaska fridge magnets for everyone back home. I hate shopping and have no idea what drove me to go all out like this. Maybe telling myself I’d never be this way again had something to do with my spending spree. When I’m good, I’m squeaky clean; when I’m bad, I’m terrible.

I have not found much about this interesting building called the Arctic Brotherhood Camp

Little foot traffic in Skagway and with the chilly but decent weather, we took lots of pictures.

We stepped into a saloon (and museum) not knowing what to expect. The patrons were wax figures as were all the props, food on the counter included. At first glance and a second later, we noticed they were still.

Interesting posters:

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Next, we stepped into the famous Red Onion Saloon

For dinner, we opted for a restaurant (The Rotterdam) on the ship instead of the grill and buffet we’d frequented. Seated at a table for 10, we had to wait till the table filled up before anyone would take our order though menus were handed out as we lowered into our chairs. A young blonde female vegan from South Dakota joined us. A couple from Australia and another couple from Calgary came along, but they were too far away across the wide table for a proper conversation.

Because it took a long time to finally order and eat, we were too late for the Magician’s show we’d been planning to see.

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Next on May 18th – Inlets, Wilderness, and a Polar Bear Dip

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12 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Shopping, Saloons, and Beer

  1. It sounds lovely , but if you fancy a show you need a smaller table!!


  2. I’m still into Westerns. This looks good.


  3. Now you’re talking my language, Tess. I love saloons! And beer! Especially with a chaser. I must be sounding like a tippler, but I’m lucky to have one or two drinks a year. I do love them, though. You must be a hoot to travel with; you had me chuckling quite a bit as I read this 🙂 ❤️


  4. I love the town. I’m waiting for a stunning meal experience!


  5. Such fun to step into one of your adventures after a long hiatus. Alaska is an amazing place, isn’t it?


  6. I am dying to go to Alaska. Your posts make it so enticing.


  7. That place looks fun, interesting shops selling a real mix of stuff you didn’t know you needed!


  8. Oh I love Western cowboys and shopping, looks like a fun place to shop. 🙂 x


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    After some time in the garden, it is time to head to Scagway on Tess Karlinski’s trip to Alaska (next week apparently there is a Polar Bear Dip!!) Anyway back to this week, and I am sure Tess won’t mind me mentioning that she popped in and out of rather a lot of bars in Scagway.. she maintains it was for historical research…….There was also a little retail therapy.. she has bought us all fridge magnets.. Anyway.. I will leave you to head over and enjoy this episode yourselves.


  10. I like your priorities Tess. After all if a saloon presents itself one really should check it out. Cheers to you!