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North to Alaska: Bet You Don’t Know These Quick Facts!


Wish we hadn’t missed the city tour bus to the Skagway Gold Rush Cemetery. A store clerk mentioned it too late and we were already bone tired. I don’t visit graveyards as a rule, but historical ones are intriguing. An interesting character popped up when I did a little research on my iPad later. Read about Jeff “Soapy” Smith here.

Read about the Slide Cemetery and the Pioneer Cemetery here.

Mary and I knew Mother’s Day would fall during our cruise but booked our holiday anyway. Like mothers everywhere, we deserved a special treat since we were away from home and family. The Lido Market, where most of our meals had been eaten buffet-style, ran short of lobster tails, the main event on the menu. Guests were asking for two and three tails at a time. Our turn came and only one tail was available. We’d have to wait. My dander up a touch, I grabbed Mary’s arm and we skedaddled in search of fine dining—the Rotterdam (again)—for our celebration dinner. After all, we had dolled up for festivity. Though there were other restaurants to choose from, we liked this one and knew where to find it.

Again asked if we’d accept sitting with others, we agreed. On my left, an Australian couple: she a teacher turned calligrapher and her husband, a pediatric physician, deaf in one ear since age five.

To Mary’s right, sat a 20-something single woman with limited food preference or on a special diet, who had pre-ordered a personal size veggie pizza. The couple next to her came from England, the husband originated from Australia. I did not talk to his wife because she sat too far away across the huge, round table. She was deep in conversation with a 50-ish woman and her father from the States. Grin. United Nations of sorts.

I ordered the Surf & Turf (a lobster tail and filet mignon). The waiter offered to cut the lobster out of the shell for all the females. O-h-h. Is this service or what? I splurged on a glass of divine Cabernet. I never eat dessert but had black coffee instead, which tasted scrumptious. Why was it worlds apart from the type served at Lido Market buffet? Were we still on the same ship? Unbelievable.

Filled to the brim with food and wonderful conversation following a long and leisurely dinner, we vetoed any activity other than shoes off, feet up, and thoughts of bed.

Earlier in the day before we glammed up

Bet You Didn’t Know: 

  • 1916 Dr. William Skinner Cooper, founding father of ecology
  • Also founding father of Glacier Bay
  • 1925 Glacier Bay declared a national monument with help from President Calvin Coolidge
  • World Heritage Site
  • Second largest wilderness site in the world
  • Majority of visitors arrive by cruise ships
  • 7 tidewater glaciers found here
  • Carbon Monoxide off the scale more than any other place
  • Carbon dioxide makes seas acidic, bad in cold waters like here
  • National Park Service: study climate change in our own lives
  • Fastest glacier retreat (melting) since 1850 (a sign of global warming)
  • Evaluation of warming atmosphere is a warming ocean
  • 43 countries have scientific study about heating up, locked in heat, rising water
  • Sea levels rising here
  • Home to moose, wolves, black, brown, and Grizzly bears, orcas, humpback whales, otters, dolphins, and salmon to mention a few
  • Example of John Hopkins Glacier: 1 mile wide by 12.5 miles long (a seal sanctuary)
  • John Hopkins Glacier still advancing (not reducing)

I’ve gathered a ton of information but don’t want to bore you. The above are a few highlights.

Images Glacial Bay

What is the difference between an iceberg and a glacier?

An iceberg is what breaks off (calves) a glacier and usually sits 10% above water.

Glaciers are a combo of snow and ice and collected junk/debris, and entirely above water.

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Next on June 1st – North to Alaska: Ketchikan Beckons

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9 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Bet You Don’t Know These Quick Facts!

  1. Lovely glaciers. I would have been tired long before you, Tess.


  2. Great group of facts, Tess. 😀


  3. I didn’t know glaciers sat entirely above water. How can that be? Aren’t they too heavy to float? What supports them? Bet you’d love having me along on your trip ~ Twenty Questions Quinby 🙂 The house I grew up in had an old cemetery running behind it. I often trudged through the overgrown brush and ivy to read names on the headstones. It fascinated me. My mother forbade me to go there, so I’d sneak away and hope she wouldn’t find out. Never worked, though, because I’d always break out in poison ivy after a jaunt through the brambles 🙂 ❤️


  4. Not having glaciers hereabouts (if you ignore the human ones who serve in Starbucks) I find these little puppies fascinating, especially how they move – kind of ice tortoises with their slow inexorable movement. Who knew about the carbon monoxide. Sounds like a major asphyxiation risk, just having a swim. Keep up the fine dining….


  5. I went to the old cemetary and it was worth it. Sounds like you had a great meal. We love the dining room as we always make new friends and the food never dissappoints. We still keep in touch with friends we made on cruises. Great facts, thanks for sharing.


  6. I love cemeteries. I love thinking of the people and the world they lived in when they were here and the lives they lived.

    I think it’s time to skip that old buffet restaurant!!!


  7. Sounds like a very interesting cruise, Tess. You know what? I would have told that darn waiter to cut the tails out of the shells for the men at the table, too, if they wished. Sheesh. Equal treatment these days, you know?


  8. Not long ago, I visited a friend in Anchorage. Amazingly beautiful place. As we were driving through what appeared to be a nice normal neighborhood, a bear trundled in front of our car and disappeared into someone’s back yard! Alaska was a lovely place to visit but thankfully not my home. Bears? Not in my backyard!


  9. Love the facts love the photos 💜