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North to Alaska: Art Auction Confusion


I woke at 6:45, anxious to start our day. A dry deck faced us; the ship rocked beneath our feet.

After breakfast, I intended to get the rigmarole of going ashore the next day out of the way. I sorted through the forms and luggage tags. We had a couple options: independent or expedited and chose the latter as we fit all the criteria, the times fit better, and I’d rather pull our own luggage off the ship than leave it outside the door before midnight and have to wait to collect it upon arrival in Vancouver. Mary stopped by the front desk to collect printouts of our accounts. I spent more than I’d anticipated. How easy it is to spend money when all you have is a credit card. I should have disregarded an internet connection as a necessity, considering we had so much downtime.

Mary signed us up to attend an art auction. Not up my alley but the promise of a glass of champagne was a good incentive. Upon registration, a nice woman handed everyone a number and three stickers, which we were to affix to paintings we favoured.

When the fellow responsible to display the next painting for auction, he snapped off the stickers and mashed them. I saw no point in the stickers unless the ones with the most were brought out first or was the exercise to engage would-be buyers?

The champagne must have been a special purchase. Only one glass per customer. My mouth puckered with the first sip, but I managed to work at it until the glass was empty. Swirling the glass gave me something to do while I slid lower in my chair, bored. The auction did not heat up; a few painting sold, but the bidding was low and unexciting.

Tummies rumbling, we scouted out to lunch. Upon our return, lo and behold, the auction still rambled on. Mary did not win anything though she purchased a wad of draw tickets. At the end, as loyal attendees, another woman handed out white 10 by 13-inch envelopes. Mary opened hers right away. She disliked the print of a moose and daring as ever, she asked for an exchange. She made a face at the print of single cottage in a field of wildflowers in her hand and hinted at trading with me, but I liked mine. I decided to love my modern print or would someday and planned to buy a fabulous frame it might deserve. Teasing aside, I did—I DO—like it.

Duet Night (print) by Charles Lee

The rest of the day we wandered the ship, saying goodbye to new friends. For the third and last time, we enjoyed dinner at the Rotterdam with plans to enjoy Elliot Finkel, a piano entertainer in the theatre. The members of the audience loved the fabulous and popular Disney show tunes he played, but the show lasted only 45 minutes. Two guitarists, a drummer, and a female keyboard player accompanied him.

The show over, we had plenty of time to catch the sunset. Announcements earlier mentioned 9:29 and then 9:15 pm as sundown. Thank goodness, we were early, yet we still missed it. The sun slid into the ocean in the split second I blinked. What a disappointment. A fellow passenger caught it and said, “The sun slipped behind the mountains and into the ocean like it had been in a hurry to go to bed.”

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18 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Art Auction Confusion

  1. Wonderful trip, Tess.


  2. Glad the rain finally quit. I never liked those art auctions. They are on every ship. The one time we stopped in we got a call at midnight saying we should pick up our painting. “Huh?” Never bid on a painting. Told them to find someone else.


  3. Wow! It sounds like a wonderful, though possibly exhausting trip.


    • Hiya. Thanks so much for the visit and comment, too. ❤ ❤
      The trip was hardly exhausting (stuck on a ship for a week and touching down on land only three times). I prefer organized touring.
      THAT is exhausting.

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      • My summer has been so busy, I hardly find the time for blogging. I do try to stop in here and there each day, but the days of reading every post are out of my reach right now. Well, if you have a good book, there is no such thing as being stuck on anything. Take care, my dear. 💖💖


  4. It all together sounds like a fun adventure. Also, I like the word rigmarole. It’s just not used often enough these days! 😊 I smiled when I read it.


  5. I like that print too. Love the colors.


    • Hiya. I know I’m never here. My apologies, Colleen. Yes, I don’t usually like ‘modern’ but these print is attractive to me.
      Thanks so MUCH for visiting. I’m never online anymore. No time.


      • I hope by ‘no time’ it’s because life is full, busy and happy. 🙂 And no worries about not being around here. As long as you are happy and traveling then I have something to look forward to!!! 🙂


  6. I love the way you tell us of your day😉🌹


  7. I always want to go with you!


  8. I love your slide shows, Tess. I’ve never been on a cruise, but it’s on the top of my bucket list. Thank goodness for champagne, eh? 🙂 ❤️