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Vancouver: Bus Tour Anyone?


Mary and I waited in the hotel lobby for our tour bus after a leisurely buffet-style breakfast. Groups of strangers were gathered in bunches, but we had no idea if they were coming along. Soon as the driver breezed into the lobby and announced his objective, Mary and I hustled out for choice seats and every seat on the bus filled.

the bus drifted into traffic and onto the Lions Gate Bridge on the way to our first stop: the fish hatchery.

Jeff, an indigenous Indian, was a slight fellow with a single peppered braid down his back. He strapped on a mike and not only acted as our driver but as our guide, as well. He directed our attention right and left—hands raising and dropping, at least one hand on the wheel at all times—as he explained noteworthy highlights of Vancouver. Though obvious this wasn’t his first time as a multi-tasker, I was charmed and did fangirl over him. You’re never too old, right?

Points of interest he introduced:

As engaging and entertaining our guide, Jeff, turned out, he was also serious, pleased and proud when he said, “British Columbia has 240 recycle systems for everything.”

He bemoaned humans. “For 125 years, indigenous people have been trying to explain you don’t need to knock everything down. Man is the only one left on earth who destroys and knows how to heal and fix things.”

Capilano Facility Quick Facts:

  • Capilano River tampered with since 1880
  • River abundant: Steelhead trout, pink salmon; sockeye; Chinook, and Coho
  • 1954 chosen by water commissioner to build a dam 300 feet high (no fish ladder)
  • 1954 dam built to supply 40% of Vancouver drinking water
  • Blocked migrating fish; killed as they jumped over the dam
  • Salmon dying in 1956-57
  • 1969 idea to build a hatchery
  • Salmon start as eggs
  • 1972 hatchery to extract eggs from females
  • Man only one left on earth who destroys and know how to fix

Salmon Quick Facts:

  • Can jump 70 feet high trying to get to a spawning ground
  • With salmon, need to know when they will come down
  • They have a mind of their own: just want to get home
  • Largest salmon 60 to 160 pounds (Chinook)
  • Farmed fish different meat than from ocean
  • When buying, ask for wild
  • What do they feed farmed salmon to make them grow so fast?
  • Female carries 4 to 7,000 eggs
  • Eggs extracted into a container, fertilized with male sperm, incubated and released into incubator room at the hatchery

An additional overview of the hatchery:

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Next on July 27 – Vancouver: Amazing Capilano Bridge

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7 thoughts on “Vancouver: Bus Tour Anyone?

  1. Loving this. You did so much more in much less time than I did when I was in Vancouver.


  2. You would think the damn dam builders would have thought of making a way for fish to get by the damn dam.


  3. Why oh Why couldn’t the builders allow for the migrating fish with a fish ladder ?
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx


  4. Great post and highlights something I soap box about. Planning. Not just the physical project, but everything around it. Big river, fish live in it, migrate along it so what’s our great big wall going to do? It’s not the trickiest of questions!


  5. I can’t believe that recycling isn’t a part of every home, town, city, state, municipality, country, nation, world. Though I am very pleased to see people embracing it on their own. It sure makes for a better world.


  6. You were busy, Tess and thanks for letting us tag along and looks like the poor fish have to be busy too…and if it makes them feel any better, I don’t eat salmon. 😉 Had to share so others can find you.
    Hope this weekend treats you kindly and all the best, always. xoxox


  7. Definitely NEVER too old!