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Vancouver: Amazing Capilano Bridge


In transit again, I had no idea how I’d cope with/on the next new wonder. Heights are not my thing. Ever. I made note of our bus’s license number since many buses were alike. A zillion people swarmed around us as we prepared to follow on what seemed the only path. Holy Moly. Rooted to the spot at what lay ahead, I imitated a statue; Mary hiked forward.

Even as I screwed up my courage to follow, people turned back. I moved in a trance, neither nervous nor shaking. Signs warned against causing the bridge to swing. It moved plenty for me but I managed moving forward. Don’t look down!

Looking down almost unhinged me. Grown men clutching the railing announced to passersby in a quivering voice, “No way my cup of tea.”

A couple yards near the end, a woman clutched the railing, paralyzed with fear. A man unstitched her fingers and in a calm voice told her to look him in the eye. We all behind them, halted while the two inched forward at turtle speed. Once on terra firma, the woman’s relief and deep exhale engaged us all. How would this older woman make her way back on the return pass?

I cannot believe the pictures I took, tons more than I can share.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge Quick Facts

  • Length: 450 feet
  • Height: 230 feet above the river
  • 15 minutes from North Vancouver
  • Built 1889 by George Grant MacKay
  • Originally made of hemp ropes
  • 1903 replaced hemp to wire cable
  • 2004 Treetop Adventures opened (7 foot suspended bridges up to 98 feet up)
  • 2011 Cliff Walk added (300 feet up and 750 feet long)
  • Income from bridge: $23 million per year
  • Grandma Capilano tallest tree in the forest

Carvings at Capilano done by Glenn Greenside. See more images here.


After a while, I forgot we were halfway to the clouds and marvelled at the stupendous vision and the work it took to accomplish this fantastic undertaking from dream to reality.

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13 thoughts on “Vancouver: Amazing Capilano Bridge

  1. Wonderful, Tess. I loved this place.

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  2. Rather you thanks Tess bravo 💜💜


  3. You’re so close to me, Tess—take the ferry to Victoria–90 minutes of water views and possibly whales!

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  4. Was there in 1985. Too afraid to walk across. I tremble on an 8 foot ladder.


  5. Wonderful Tess. Well done on making the crossing despite your fears. Your picture shows just how big the trees are as it dwarfs you.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  6. Yes I remember the surprise when we arrived at the bridge
    You can read about it but actually seeing it…!


  7. You’re way braver than me!


  8. I do love this place! Good for you for crossing the swinging bridge. I was afraid the first time but OK after that. The scenery is so gorgeous.

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  9. Love this! Thanks for taking us along for the walk and the journey! Hope the weekend is being good to you so far, Tess. 🙂
    Big bloggy bridgey hugs xoxox

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  10. Oh my. This is my favorite place on this trip!!!!

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  11. Spectacular, Tess. I would love to go across that bridge.


  12. Well done Tess, you’ve overcome your fear. After this any height will be easy. I’ve been on a canopy walk in Africa, the bridge was rope and wood, but I love heights so it was amazing for me.

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  13. I walked this bridge – loved it! What an amazing place to visit. Well done that you managed it!