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Vancouver: The Rocky Mountaineer


Before lights out the previous night, we realized we’d missed orientation for the next leg of our trip. I set the hotel alarm clock and Mary set her phone for 5:30 a.m. Both worked. I raced to the bathroom first.

Worried about the missed briefing, we called the registration desk not sure about next steps. No worries. We needed to leave our luggage in the hall for pick up at 6:10 a.m. Always nervous about leaving our bags in the hallway overnight, I put them out around 6:10. Talk about efficient. Five minutes later, they were gone.

We watched a bellhop in the lobby tag our bags, load them on a trolley with others, and roll the loaded cart outside when Jeff and our bus arrived. Our tour rep handed out boarding passes, seat assignments, and Rocky Mountaineer lapel pins. This hotel is proficiency plus.

Tidbits Along the Way:

Upon arriving at Rocky Mountaineer Station, I was super WOWed. I had no idea they had their own building, but this business is huge so it makes sense. Bagpipes played somewhere ahead. Announcements directing groups to their exits sounded over the crowded, open-concept space. Though promised coffee or juice would be available inside, we had no time or opportunity. Mary headed out of line but I grabbed her, our designated line already moving forward.

“They said…”

“There’s no time. Wait till we’re on board.”

I had no wish to lose her in the congestion of hundreds of passengers and what looked like a mile long string of cars. Would the train wait for her? I doubt it. I stumbled around a wheeled kiosk of touristy trinkets and souvenirs.

At the assigned car, our attendants introduced themselves as Jen and Bridget. We finally boarded at 8:04. The seats were comfortable with ample legroom, adjustable footrests, adequate space beneath seats for my cube-shaped carry-on and overstuffed handbag. A small pillow fit behind my back and the seat. I was happy.

As the train pulled out of the station, at least 30 or so uniformed Rocky Mountaineer employees stood waving us on our way. A small gesture but impressive. I took pictures but they’re nowhere to be found.

The first service was orange juice and coffee. By 8:45 a delicious scone and small fruit plates were delivered to each passenger. Next, Mary chose the parfait selection and I went for the full treatment of tri-folded egg and grilled potatoes, warmed tomato slice and a second cup of hot coffee. Breakfast finished, the dishes collected by 9:30.

At 10:30 a.m., beverage offerings were announced: red and white wine, beers, brandy, spirits, soft drinks, as well as snacks if anyone felt peckish. A water station at the back of our car was available to everyone all day long.

Giggles abound as glasses were filled and refilled.

~ * ~

Next on August 17th – Rocky Mountaineer: Gluttony and Scenery

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4 thoughts on “Vancouver: The Rocky Mountaineer

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  2. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of the Rocky Mountaineer trip!! I look forward to reading more.


  3. Breakfast sounds great but 10.30 am drinks would be much too early for me!


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