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Ten Reasons I’ve been Lost in Transit


How do I explain my drawn-out absence? Shameful, I know. In the event you stop reading this instant–I first wish to offer my regrets and apologies.

Life has been like a pickle jar—vinegary and deep.

Much has churned in that jar, changing my focus and outlook on life. I no longer have hours on end to enjoy my previous blogging community.

  1. Art by LilyG

    I am on the go more than home at my keyboard

  2. I’ve had cataract surgery, changing much for me
  3. My eyes dry easily and I avoid laptop screen
  4. I cannot read long, especially not backlit screens
  5. Paper reading isn’t much easier (dry eyes again)
  6. Awaiting upcoming (forgot the name) eye examination (expensive)
  7. Have been using Readers/Cheaters for close work but cause (severe) eyes strain
  8. Finally, plan to see about proper eyeglasses after completing #6 above (saving up)
  9. I want to write but cannot concentrate or slow down my brain
  10. #1 eye-dryness; #2 not writing when I want to so much

I wrote this post many times in my head. It’s been a challenge; I hate to say goodbye but cannot be present in the blogosphere like in the past months and months ago. I may visit on occasion if time and conditions allow. I’m not saying I’m gone forever, yet I cannot say when or if I’ll be part of the community anywhere near the way I had been during rosier days.

Thank you to all who still visit, read, and leave endearing comments though I haven’t been returning in kind (my days are plugged full). Sincere apologies. I ‘ve managed other interests to keep busy but cannot convey the hard work posting is each week; it’s the only writing I struggle to maintain. Once I finish writing about the currently posted trip, I’m not sure what’s next. Should I return but can continue to post something on a regular basis (fingers crossed), you are welcome to read and like if you do. Comments will be left open but I cannot promise to respond.

Art by Lily G

How wishy-washy is this? I offer my exit with a heavy heart. Thank you to the fantastic friends who stayed in contact and cheered me along in the background, though I’ve been offline for weeks at a time. Whoever said the blogging world is impersonal is dead wrong.

I have enjoyed and met many wonderful people in my six-busy and fun-filled years online. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to each and every one.

No middles and no lasts: How do I include my favourite supporters without anyone feeling excluded? I cannot.

Extra special thanks to the following outstanding bloggers, who have supported me in the past in no particular order (please check out their blogs, each is f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c.)




Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

14 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I’ve been Lost in Transit

  1. Tess, you always have a warm place in my heart. Please don’t worry about returning comments or all the other conventions of blogging. Just say what you can when you can and I’ll be there it read it. God bless you.


  2. I will definitely miss your writing and comments, Tess. I agree with John W. (above)–whatever you decide to post, I’ll be there to read it! I, too, had cataract surgery in the Spring and it certainly has changed some of the things I was doing, but it has been a positive experience thus far. Please take good care and know you have a lot of friends out in the blogosphere! Bless you, Tess.

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  3. bummer Tess, we’ll miss your pith and wisdom along the way. Here’s to there being only wet eyes in the house sometime in the future. Take care and give Canada a hug for me.

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  4. Tess, how sad that you must reduce your presence in blog land! Hopefully your eyes will adjust better over time. I had cataract surgery last year and know the adjustment period could take a few months. Also dry eyes can be treated. We’ll be happy to see you whenever you’re able to post. A short update on how you are doing would suffice. Take care & God Bless! 📚Christine


  5. Hope to see you around as and when, Tess. All best wishes. Take care ❤️

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  6. whenever you can post, we will always read. take care and hopefully things will get easier soon – best, beth


  7. I always love seeing your name pop up. And I have loved traveling with you. I hope nothing but the best for you. And will always be on the lookout for you. Be well friend.


  8. Tess, it’s been great connecting with you in this wonderful cyber community of ours. My eyes know how yours feel. Less comp time for me as well. Until our next encounter wherever that may be, Godspeed my, my friend. ❤️


  9. I will continue to miss you but completely understand. I’d rather lose a leg than eyesight so take care of that. I have so enjoyed our e-relationship, Tess, and will be here when your life straightens out!


  10. I’ve so enjoyed your travels, Tess. I hope you can get some improvement for your eyes. I have dry eyes but not (yet) as severe as you though I know how horrendous it is. Take care.


  11. Please take care, dear Tess!! Don’t worry about responding. Just always great to see you hear.

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  12. I sure hope you find a dry eyes solution! Yours sound a lot more severe than mine!
    I take fish oil and use Systane Ultra drops. We humidify the house, and I stay away from any kind of fans, even in the car. I wear wrap around type sun glasses outside, especially on windy days.


  13. Tess I do love reading your blogs travel or other and I will miss you so much. But you and your eyes are so important. So please get better, join us when you can I will never forget you and I think I can say that for everyone who follows your great blog! Don’t worry about answering comments we understand the situation. Sending love hugs and healing vibes 💜💝❤️ 💜💜

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  14. Dear Tess,

    I only just came back after a long absence–very busy with neighborhood action coalition since Trump took office. I have loved reading your blog, and appreciated your visits. I wish you well, and hope that your activities keep you too busy to blog in the best way possible.


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