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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #173

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Prompt:  …and so it begins… + 100 words


Where Were We?

Fran glared at her laptop screen. “The special’s gone.”

“What special?”

“The Groupon chicken breasts. I told you.”

“You’re. A. Week. Late.” Heather scowled over her bifocals.


“Look-look. My favorite pants are on Groupon, and cheaper than Walmart’s.

“Those burgundy things?” Fran wrinkled her nose. 

“No-no. The navy ones. Three pair should do. Where’s my credit card?”

“You use Pay Pal, silly.”


“And so it begins. You remember, I forget. I remember, you forget.” Fran raised her hand. “Waitress, two refills, please? Where were we?”

“I donno.”

“You weren’t listening?”

They frowned at each other, then laughed till tears lined their eyes.


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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #172

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…when the daylight returned the king was dead…+ 100 words


Talk of War

“I forbid it!” Teeth clenched, the queen stomped from the darkening window.

“Forbid? You’ll do as I say. Romp across the country all you like, the boy stays.”

She spun to face him and thrust a crimson, talon-like nail at her husband. “The talk of war puts him in danger.”

“Nothing but talk.”

“Have it your way. I’ll save the next king alone.”

The king tossed back his head and roared. “He’s only eleven, Madam. There’s plenty of time.”

“More fool you.” She heaved the great door, elbowing past the startled guards. Don’t worry. Mother will take care of everything.

When the daylight returned, the king was dead.


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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #170

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This week’s prompt:  …the scent was overpowering… + 100 words



First a wisp, then the smoke billowed denser and angrier.

Boys? Georgie? His mother peered through the doorway across the rolling fields and trees. “Georgie!”

She dashed inside, rang the fire-hall, and face alabaster, charged out again. Two boys hooted and swayed towards her in drunken fashion.

“You okay? How’d the fire start?” The twelve-year-olds howled with ridiculous laughter. She grabbed each by an arm and tugged towards home. “We’ll talk later. Better hope the house doesn’t catch fire.”

The wind shifted and the scent was overpowering. Fire bells clanged nearby. The odor seemed familiar, yet… “Lordy. Someone’s marijuana crop’s burning in our backyard.”


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100-word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week #169

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The prompt this week is:  …so what time did you say it was?… + 100 words


Pressure Cooker


“Good. You’re home. Fix me a martini, Sweetie?”

“Frazzled, are we?” Gerald gazed at the kitchen clutter. “What’s all this?”

Pink-faced, Suzanne spun her wooden spoon mid-air. “What’s it look like, genius? Dinner.”


“Glasses in the freezer, vermouth—fridge. Vod—”

“Alright already.”

“What time is it?”

“Six ten. Why?”

Check. Check. Oh-no. The roast’s not in the oven!”

“Here. Sip. Don’t guzzle—sip.”

“So what time did you say it was?”

“Six eleven.”

“Get the pressure cooker, quick.”


“Relax? The McKinleys are coming for seven.”

Gerald checked the wall-calendar and burst out laughing. “McKinleys are next Saturday. The Petersons are tonight.”

“Oh-no. Wrong menu!”


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Part 2 to last week’s Tailspin will be published tomorrow (Wednesday).


100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #168

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 This week’s prompt is …the blue was sapphire… + 100 words



Drink in hand, I skimmed the room. Lights blazed, children squealed, and the discordant orchestra tuned up. Receptions are boring without a date.

A commotion caught my attention. Upswept copper curls bobbed through the crowd. A pale cerulean gown, delicate as angels’ breath, floated towards me. The exquisite creature peered up brows raised, her eyes—the blue was sapphire—like the gem… “Can I help you?” My voice cracked.

“Get me out of here, please?” She drifted forward. Like a puppy after a treat, I loped behind her. The night might not be a complete waste.

“Where to?”

“A drive maybe?”

“Husband problems?”



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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #167


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The prompt this week is the photo below (What are they saying?)

Julia Word Challenge 167


 Ralph gripped the railing. “We can’t ignore this.” He rubbernecked the close passers-by.

“I retire in a week.”

“Listen to yourself? Who are you?”

“It’s been one hitch after another.” Bill scrubbed his forehead. “This mall is jinxed.”

“What about public safety? You’re the chief engineer.”

“I’m dog-tired.” Bill shoved the clipboard towards his subordinate.

“Think of your legacy. The crack is widening—”

“Too late for me.” Bill’s voice faltered like coarse sandpaper.


“I’ll be dead in a month.”

“Come again?”

“You handle it.” Hands in his pockets, Bill trudged away, back almost straight.

“How, Billy? Come back.”


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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #166

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This week’s prompt is … checking in proved to be… + 100 words



Checking in proved to be easy, the room prepaid and waiting.

The knock, subtle as a whisper, sighed against the wood. Lucy smoothed the linen skirt of her fuscia suit. She strode to the door fumbling for the doorknob. Palm damp, her hand trembled. She arranged a smile on her face and snatched it open. Her mouth dropped.


“Frank. What are you doing here?”

“I have a date with a redhead.”

Lucy patted her springy curls. “Date?” She staggered backwards.”

“Your first time?”

“You’re Jack? But how—”

“You left a brazen trail.”

“You knew? Get out!”

“The room’s paid and we’re married.”


© 2015 All Rights Reserved by Tess and How the Cookie Crumbles


100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #165

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This week’s prompt is …the suitcase lay open… + 100 words



“What are you doing?” Dolores sagged against the doorjamb.

He ignored her. The suitcase lay open like a guilty yawn.

“Charles? Talk to me.”

Rubbing his ear, he exhaled. “I’m in serious trouble—”

“You—?” Her fingers clutched her throat.

“I’m leaving.”

“I don’t understa—”

He sighed. “The name’s not Charles.”

Flushing, she chortled. “I know who I married.”

“I’m not your husband. I’m his brother.”

“He has a brother?”

“Had. My brother’s dead.”

Dolores dissolved into the floor. “I killed him two years ago.” He snapped the case shut and stepped around her. “Over you.” He paused. “I’m sorry. Forgive me.”


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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #164

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This week’s prompt is …and then I smiled…+ 100 words



We had a special bond, Ginger and I. She stared me down for attention across a room.

“What?” I stared back from my recliner. “Do you want a hug?” Unlike her, I blinked. Her face lit up, she straightened and stretched. Across the carpet, she leaped and flew into my arms.

“What am I to do with you?” Head settled on my shoulder and tucked underneath my ear, she released a drawn-out sigh. Cheek-to-cheek at last, she stopped squirming. I hugged her warm, compact body, she purred, and then I smiled. “You’re worse than a two-year-old kidlet.” She lifted her head and exhaled again.


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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #163

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The prompt this week is …freedom… + 100 words



“Let me explain—”

The uniform’s hand flew up. “Silence. Passport.” Crisp pages snapped between thickened fingers.

“Boris, see about the bag.” Uniform trousers swept past Mike. Slam.

“It’s a mistake.”

“Quiet.” The scarred fist smacked the desk; the chair creaked. “Travelling alone?”

“No. Yes. What’s this about?”

“I ask questions. Not you.”

“What about freedom of speech?”

The desk giant threw back his head and roared. “Your country maybe. This my country.” His mustard yellow teeth retreated.

“My mother—”


“Sick…help her come home.”

Boris returned; they conferred.

“You have freedom visit my jail.”


“Boris fine lawyer.”


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