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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week 151

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The prompt this week is: …Pink…  + 100 words


The Pink One

“I don’t like this dress!” Like liquid diamonds, huge tears slid down Susanna’s plump cheeks.

“Do you like the Cinderella dress?”

“Yes. Is bootiful”

“Is it the same color as the dress you don’t like?”

“Y-es? I wear it to party?”

“No. This is a birthday party not a princess party.”

The five-year-old’s mouth puckered. “I wanna wear the pink one. It’s girlie-girl. It make circles when I go round and round.”

“Honey, it’s too small now.

“I not going.”

“And miss cake and ice-cream with your friends?”

Her eyes lit up. “Maybe princess dress?”


Sigh. “Okay. I wear it.”


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Not Cinderella’s Slippers

It all began last month on September 26th. I’d slipped into Walmart to pick up canned cat food. My precious puss, Lady Gaga is spoiled, I agree. Her breakfast consists of a large tablespoonful of Iams (wet) beef, lamb or chicken, and a quarter- cup of Iams dry food. I always make sure her cupboard is well stocked in case a world-wide shortage should occur.

I wasn’t in a hurry; I roamed the store. Office supplies were on sale after the back-to-school fever had subsided and I went a little crazy. We’d had the odd cool night already so I moseyed over to the shoe department. I should never grab a buggy in any store because then I’m tempted to fill it up. I looked at slippers: purple this time. I chose a soft fuzzy pair, slip-ons—thick and spongy inside. Lovely.

I had to try them on as soon as I arrived home. Heaven couldn’t fit better. Four days later I was a physical shipwreck. If I sat, I couldn’t get up, because first one hip and then the other had stiffened up and ached. By the third day, I groaned as I hoisted myself out of the firm leather living-room chair while babysitting after school. My six-year-old granddaughter heard me and thought that was funny. “Babcia, is getting old,” she giggled behind her hand and wouldn’t repeat herself when I asked what she’d said.

This pain had come on too suddenly. Why? What was the cause? I’d started to drag one leg as if it were a lead post (without the normal flexibility of my knee half-way) and then the other. I rolled out of bed the third and fourth morning certain my hips had been smashed or battered in the night.

I slipped my feet into my cozy slippers; I kicked them off again. A light came on. This was déjà vu. Last winter I had purchased a pair of slippers as well and kicked them off shortly afterwards. They had also been a cushy pair I loved on sight—and at least a couple of days until I realized they were cursed, or I was, if I continued to wear them.

Moral of my story: four days after I kicked off the slippers from Hell, I’m not as stiff or tight, and my hips aren’t killing me. I can sit and get up; to walk, I don’t drag my legs across the floor. I’m almost back to normal. I don’t hurt in the morning after sleeping. Heaving out of a chair no longer is necessary.

MorgueFile free photos

MorgueFile free photos

Can you believe this? If it hadn’t happened to me, I might be doubtful. I promise every word is true. I wonder if my alignment hadn’t been messed up because of something about the slippers. The first time, last winter, when I decided to ditch the (new) slippers, I figured my reasoning might be a fluke but after this second time, I don’t know what kind of slippers to trust now.

All summer I have worn the better style of thong inside and out, and am back in them again. Has anyone had a similar experience? With slippers?