How the Cookie Crumbles

Life and scribbles on the far side of SIXTY-FIVE


Flash in the Pan – Blocks

Danny Maloonie ground his teeth for the third time in five minutes. Snow swirled and gusted across his windshield. The devil of winter and enemy of cars had arrived.

“Was snow forecast?” He glared at his younger brother, Frank, who shrugged.

“If it had, we’d still have to get home.”

“Yeah, yeah. Dad would pop a kidney if we didn’t come when summoned.” Danny slumped.

1971_dodge_challenger-pic-3053“What could have happened?”

“I don’t care. Damn snow. I’m not ready to put this car on blocks for the winter.”

“It’s a car, bro, not your girlfriend.”

“What do you know? A’71 Dodge Challenger is special, and I paid for it myself.”

“Turn that up, will you?” The announcement blared, ‘Mattress King, Sean (Shinbone) Maloonie has suffered a heart attack…’ Frank cut the radio.

Mouths dropped, the young men gawked at each other. “Uncle Sean? No way,” they said together.

Frank blinked. “Poor Dad.”

~ * ~

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The word limit for Blocks is 150 words. I used them all.


Flash in the Pan – Radio


“You like the Winking Judge, Georgie?”“Yeah.” The nine-year-old grinned and pulled a scarlet earlobe. “Sounds like an announcer. He said we can do it again next week. Please, can I?”

His father pursed his lips, squeezing back a smile. “I disappear for two minutes and you’re buddies all ready? He’s gotta be ninety or thereabouts, one of the oldest members.”

Georgie’s freckles faded into blush. “How come I never heard about amateur radio operators before?”

“You’ve been fixated on Xbox and iPhone games.”

“This is cool. You’ll teach me?”

“The boy scouts have programs for young people like you.”

“Yeah? I heard of them.”



His father cocked his head. “In a disaster or emergency, cell phones may die, but not these babies. Your mom used to be a YL.”

“What’s that?”

“A female amateur operator: young lady. Her voice caught my attention. That’s how we met.

“Seriously. My Mom?

~ * ~