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7 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Comment: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve came across your blog through Andrew’s. Haha… You and me are a pair, I’m single grandma, divorced 27 years ago, with some years on my shoulders, but… I don’t feell OLD, just grown up. I love travelling and I’m an enthusiastic for orient, I was in China 10 years ago… fantastic, as well in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam … and other countries. I’ve been twice in U.S.A East and West, sorry not in Chicago but I’v heard it’, very interesting. I hope to read more from your blog… my name’s Rosa living in Barcelona, Spain… Best regards,


  2. Thanks for liking my post. It is appreciated! I’m going to follow you… JC


  3. Thank you. I now follow you as well. ❤


  4. I’m here again…and I can see the first comment I wrote in January last year…as Rosa Ave Fénix trough Gravatar and now is by facebook!!! Marina Avisse (a bird with my nick) Regards!


  5. You said you are in face… which name? mine is Marina Avisse, if you want, contact me…


  6. Hi Tess. Hope you are well and this gets back to you. I do have problems getting my reply to you. Is there an easier route? I have been somewhat busy myself. Nothing spectacular? Just trying to get stuff done before the weather closes in for winter. My friends in Ontario have just had an early snowfall. Hope it does not come this side of the big pond. Beginning to get things for Christmas, like battery operated candles with remote controls.
    Take care, Evelyn


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