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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #166

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This week’s prompt is … checking in proved to be… + 100 words



Checking in proved to be easy, the room prepaid and waiting.

The knock, subtle as a whisper, sighed against the wood. Lucy smoothed the linen skirt of her fuscia suit. She strode to the door fumbling for the doorknob. Palm damp, her hand trembled. She arranged a smile on her face and snatched it open. Her mouth dropped.


“Frank. What are you doing here?”

“I have a date with a redhead.”

Lucy patted her springy curls. “Date?” She staggered backwards.”

“Your first time?”

“You’re Jack? But how—”

“You left a brazen trail.”

“You knew? Get out!”

“The room’s paid and we’re married.”


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