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Ten Reasons I’ve been Lost in Transit

How do I explain my drawn-out absence? Shameful, I know. In the event you stop reading this instant–I first wish to offer my regrets and apologies.

Life has been like a pickle jar—vinegary and deep.

Much has churned in that jar, changing my focus and outlook on life. I no longer have hours on end to enjoy my previous blogging community.

  1. Art by LilyG

    I am on the go more than home at my keyboard

  2. I’ve had cataract surgery, changing much for me
  3. My eyes dry easily and I avoid laptop screen
  4. I cannot read long, especially not backlit screens
  5. Paper reading isn’t much easier (dry eyes again)
  6. Awaiting upcoming (forgot the name) eye examination (expensive)
  7. Have been using Readers/Cheaters for close work but cause (severe) eyes strain
  8. Finally, plan to see about proper eyeglasses after completing #6 above (saving up)
  9. I want to write but cannot concentrate or slow down my brain
  10. #1 eye-dryness; #2 not writing when I want to so much

I wrote this post many times in my head. It’s been a challenge; I hate to say goodbye but cannot be present in the blogosphere like in the past months and months ago. I may visit on occasion if time and conditions allow. I’m not saying I’m gone forever, yet I cannot say when or if I’ll be part of the community anywhere near the way I had been during rosier days.

Thank you to all who still visit, read, and leave endearing comments though I haven’t been returning in kind (my days are plugged full). Sincere apologies. I ‘ve managed other interests to keep busy but cannot convey the hard work posting is each week; it’s the only writing I struggle to maintain. Once I finish writing about the currently posted trip, I’m not sure what’s next. Should I return but can continue to post something on a regular basis (fingers crossed), you are welcome to read and like if you do. Comments will be left open but I cannot promise to respond.

Art by Lily G

How wishy-washy is this? I offer my exit with a heavy heart. Thank you to the fantastic friends who stayed in contact and cheered me along in the background, though I’ve been offline for weeks at a time. Whoever said the blogging world is impersonal is dead wrong.

I have enjoyed and met many wonderful people in my six-busy and fun-filled years online. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to each and every one.

No middles and no lasts: How do I include my favourite supporters without anyone feeling excluded? I cannot.

Extra special thanks to the following outstanding bloggers, who have supported me in the past in no particular order (please check out their blogs, each is f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c.)