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Flash in the Pan: Satisfied & Ashamed

Attribution: Google Images

Attribution: Google Images

“Where were you Monday night?” Brown suit growled. Tiny scowled and shivered. “No-where—”

“Wrong answer, son. Where were you?”


“No such place. You had to be somewhere.”

Tiny shifted his weight back and forth. The chair was metal and rocked.


“I was with Irene Bronkowski, in the back seat of her daddy’s car. Don’t tell him, okay?”

The officers looked at each other. “I’m supposed to be satisfied with this lie?” said brown suit. “How old is the girl?”

“Uh, fourteen-and-a half—”

Brown suit closed his eyes. “Idiot. Book him.”

~ * ~

 The word limit for Satisfied is 100 words. I used 94 words. Check out for rules and contributions.

Attribution: Creative Commons

Attribution: Creative Commons

“Look me in the eye, when I’m talkin to ya,” his stepfather bellowed. Crouching behind the kitchen chair, Frankie dared not breathe. Closing his ocean-blue eyes and shaking like a twig, he peered up through his long brown lashes.

“What did ya do with the money, sonny?” A meaty paw shot into the air.

“It’s not your money. It’s ma’s.”

“Don’t you talk back to me…” The mitt plunged, but Frankie was quicker.

“You’re gonna be ashamed when I tell ma what you did.”

“Shut up boy.”

“I saw, you dirty old man.” And Frankie vanished outside.

 ~ * ~

 The word limit for Ashamed is 100 words. I used 97 words. Also at