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Rosehips and the Good Ship

Forecast: 12°  Celsius and more rain. Actual: brief drizzle, mean, rough winds.

First stop: Photographer’s Lookout at Norris Point for a fifteen-minute photo opportunity. Across the water, we had a view of the World Heritage Site, Gros Morne Park and tablelands.

Devil’s roses or rosehips brought over from Devon by English fishermen. They grow everywhere and in abundance. In full bloom, their aroma is amazing. I first learned of ‘hips and haws’ at blogger, Julias Place.

From Bonne Bay, we took a two-hour boat ride. A crew member helped us on board. When my turn came, the sailor said, “We’ll need to confiscate your bag, ma’am.”


I almost choked. My knees folded. Wasn’t I an innocent tourist in parts far from home? Darn if he wasn’t pulling my leg. He laughed and laughed even as he helped the person on after me. Humor in Newfoundland is visual. That’s their philosophy of life. They like to have fun or they’ll go nuts.

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With the aid of a bullhorn, another crew member explained about the rock formations we passed (the photos above). The angry wind thrashed and ate his words. Soon we put up our hoods and abandoned the supplied binoculars we used to better view the striations in the rock. One by one, we weather-beaten tourists disappeared into the bowels of the boat.

Inside, it was one basic room with rows of folding chairs surrounded by windows to watch the shoreline. A while after we were inside, rain trickled down the windows off and on. At the bar, hot chocolate and rum were on offer for $7.00 CAD. Cost be darned. I bet every person lined up. Some even a second time. They should have called that hot drink ‘heaven’ or ‘divine.’ I’ve forgotten the real name.


While we warmed up, information about the surrounding water and tiny village continued. The captain came down to perform the Screeching in Ceremony. We swore allegiance to Newfoundland and acquired an Order of Screechers certificate. Only one person was required to kiss the cod for all of us.

“Good. Now that you are citizens, you have to pay taxes to Newfoundland.”

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Wait a minute. The guy playing the squeeze box was the captain. There were only three crew members. Who’s driving the boat?

Getting Screeched.  Credit GypsyNester

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