How the Cookie Crumbles

Life and scribbles on the far side of SIXTY-FIVE


What’s it All Mean?

As much as daddy is the best one in the whole world, sometimes he just won’t do. He looks after the kiddies after work when mom’s working. He cooks a great dinner, plays fun games, gives baths and tucks kiddies into bed.

It probably wouldn’t happen this way if Grandma (Babcia) wasn’t living in the same house.


“Hi. What’s up Hanna?”

“The bandage on my heel is stuck. See the dried blood. Daddy says it will come off in the bath”.

“He’s right, dear. The water will soften the blood and the bandage will come off easily.”

“But I don’t want him to rip it off. Can you do it, please Babcia (grandma)?”

“Actually, nobody will have to pull the bandage off. It will take a little time but the water will do all the work. Wait until it comes off by itself. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.” <Hugs>


“Hi, Hanna. How are you today?”

“Hi Babcia. Um, the bandage on my finger is loose and I need a new one. The sticky part that’s supposed to keep it stuck on doesn’t work anymore and the middle part is stuck to my boo boo. Can you take it off please? I don’t want daddy to do it.”

“Does Daddy know where you are?”

“Yes, I told him I was coming down to see you.”

“But not the reason why?”


“Ok, we’ll do this quick. I’ll just get a bowl of warm water and you can soak it. Then you can put on a new bandage. Maybe daddy would like to do it.” <Hugs>


“Hi, sweetie. What can I help you with today?”

“I was playing in the hall and I hurt my wrist. Do I need a bandage?”

“I don’t believe so. Hmm. Looks pretty red, alright. It’s not bleeding and it’s not scrapped. Did you hit it against the wall? Maybe running down the hall?”


“If I do this, can you move it?”


“It’s not broken but it might sting for a while. Would a nice big hug make your feel better?”

“Yes, Babcia”.

<Hugs> Granddaughter goes home happy.

Don’t get me wrong. This particular daddy is very nurturing but what is it that makes a little eight-year-old choose to connect with her grandma when mommy’s at work?

That’s exactly right. YOU win!