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Flash in the Pan – Delirious

“Stop!” This isn’t funny anymore.”

Hands no longer playful, jabbed and bruised. Tickletickletickle.

“Marco, stop.” Beth squirmed, face crimson, hair plastered to rippled forehead.

“Ah, Cara Mia. You like this before.”

“Enough.” She pushed, slapped and clawed. Tears drenched apple cheeks. “Can’t breathe.”

An abrupt knock propelled him backwards on the mattress. Beth wiggled away.

morgueFile free photos

morgueFile free photos

“What’s going on?”

“Door, she locked?”

“In my father’s house? You’re delirious.”

You—out—before I shoot.  You—cover yourself…”

~ * ~

This is the new Fall Quarter of Flash in the Pan. The theme is Disturbed.

The word limit for Delirious is 75 words. I used them all again.

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