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Flash in the Pan – Demented

Katherine dropped the scotch tape and peeked around the corner at the spectacular tree. Warmth and cheer radiated from the fireplace; joyful carols played a touch above a whisper. She hugged herself. Two gifts left to wrap…the best ones.

Brandon tramped into the overpriced kitchen. Feet wide apart, he tossed off his jacket and loosened his tie. “What’s all this mess?” Wrapped boxes and gift bags littered the table.

Unapologetic, Katherine’s voice wavered. “These are a few gifts for a new friend I’ve invited for Christmas.”

morgueFile free photos

morgueFile free photos

“Christmas isn’t for strangers, it’s for family—except mine, that is.”

“But this is a time for giving, good will…”

“Is that a doll? For you? Are you demented?” He persisted forward until mere inches separated them.

Katherine grabbed the baby doll. “It’s for the orphan girl who’s coming to dinner.”

Brandon staggered as if punched. He cleared his throat. “A little girl? Here?”

~ * ~

The Fall Quarter of Flash in the Pan is coming to the end. The theme is Disturbed.

The word limit for Demented is 150 words. I used them 150.

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