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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #152

Anyone can join. Click below for instructions:

The prompt this week is …that’s democracy… + 100 words


Good Citizens

Sam rolled his eyes. Though his mother had confiscated the phone, his thumbs twitched in his lap. He squirmed in his seat.

“You can’t break the rules. Are you listening?”

His kneel jiggled. “Whatever.”

“Wrong answer.”

He exhaled a loud, drawn out sigh. “How come I gotta do everything you say?”

“Daddy and I are the government. You kids are the people.”

“You do anything you want!”

“We make the rules, feed and clothe you.”

“That’s democracy? Police state more-like.”

“One week: no phone or TV and straight home from school.”

“That sucks!”

“Good citizens make strong countries. One day you’ll understand.”


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