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Shall We Celebrate?

While running errands today and driving from grocery store to mall to Costco, I heard on my car radio that today is Grandparents Day. I’ve been a grandmother for almost eight years but have only realized that means me too!

I vaguely recall hearing about it when this day was officially put on the calendar. Of course, I hadn’t paid it much attention then because I wasn’t a member of the club yet. I believe someone even had greeting cards for this occasion. Hallmark? Carlton cards? Do they sell them still? Odd that I’ve never seen any and have only heard of them back around the beginning. (I’m not really one for spending those appalling amounts of money on greeting cards but they’re nice once in a while.)

I’m not celebrating this year either. Guess I found out too late this year. In any event, my grandchildren are away this weekend with their parents. Before they left this morning, they insisted on giving me sweet hugs and kisses to show they will miss me. That’s celebration enough for me.

Why don’t calendars highlight Grandparents Day like Mothers and Fathers Days? Why is this such a QUIET holiday? On the other hand, why does it really matter? I believe Grandparents Day is every time you get to see your grandkids and react with them.

Happy Grandparents Day to YOU too!