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Flash in the Pan – Marble

Ralphie rocked from foot to foot and sucked air in between his teeth.

“Listen twerp, you playing or wetting your pants?” Stevie’s eyes gleamed; his fat cheeks and elfin ears burned red. “You gonna cry?”

Hands twitchy, Ralphie toed dirt and blinked. “I gots one marble left.”

morgueFile free photos

morgueFile free photos

“Bye. See you.”

“It’s a green Cat’s Eye, a big one.”

“Yeah? Let me see. Give you five commons for it.”

“No. Gimme ten?”

“Let’s see.”

The blond boy straightened, eyebrows raised high. He yanked tatty pockets out of his grimy chinos, face pinched death white.

Stevie snickered and boogied a rain dance.

~ * ~

The Winter Quarter of Flash in the Pan is here. The theme: Boys and Their Toys. For the rules and how to join, click:

The word limit for Marble is 100 words. I used all 100.