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100-Word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week #152

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The prompt this week is … could I really wear that … +100 words



Morag’s eyes rounded. “No way, José.” She moistened her lips and took a shallow breath.

“Yes, way.”

“Will this fit? Where’d you get it?”

“Try it.” Zena thrust the spilling black chiffon at Morag. “I’ll be back.”

She stroked the fabric, then threw on the dress. It flowed over her curves and puddled at her inelegant feet. Tiny rhinestones scattered over the skirt and bodice shimmered in the lamplight.

“You like?”

“It’s revealing…” Morag’s eyes glowed.

“Uh-huh. Here’s your Venetian mask.”

“Could I really wear that to hide these moles?”

“Remember, you’re the good witch tonight. Behave okay?”

Morag cackled. “I do love a party.”